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Birthday Card

“…people come into the practice because of our Birthday Cards.”

— Dr. Tzvi Rubinger

Birthday Card Program

Delivering birthday cards shows your patients that you appreciate them – and they’ll appreciate you right back for acknowledging them on their special day.


When it comes to birthday cards, the more personal they are, the better. That’s why our birthday cards are extremely personalized, for the highest possible impact:


  • The patient’s name is the primary focus on the front of the birthday card. Each name is hand-piped with icing onto the cake featured front and center.

  • We make sure each doctor and their staff signs every card – but we do this through scanned signatures so that there’s little effort on the practice’s part, which keeps our marketing system completely Done-For-You from start to finish.

  • The cards are professionally printed on high-end card stock. This demonstrates that there are no corners cut when it comes to delivering quality (under any circumstance) to your patients.

  • Finally, each card contains a gift coupon, encouraging patients to call the practice and claim their special birthday present. (For example: a movie ticket, or a coffee at a local coffee shop – the choice would be yours.) This is a valuable call to action, because each phone call can lead to an appointment booked, or confirmed, at your office.

The effects of this thoughtful gesture are enormous. Sending personalized birthday cards to your patients every month can solidify their loyalty to your practice for many years – perhaps for life.


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Our Birthday Card program generates results like these:

“We got a 24.59% response rate from the birthday card mailings alone.”

— Ontario Dentist

“Lots of people come into the practice because of our Birthday Cards.”

— Dr. Tzvi Rubinger

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