“We had 220 new patients
last month, and half of them came from the mailers – so obviously they’re working really well for us!”


“I received 98 unique calls and
57 new patient appointments!”

— Dr. Goldberg

“We got 30
new patients
in the first
three days.”

— Copperfield Dental Center

“My new patient count increased
by 40% in the first month!”

— Jackie from Westmeadow Dental

“The Halloween mail-out was a giant success. I love the picture on the front – very eye catching!!! I’ve had a huge response.”



“Based on tracking, two mail-outs have attracted 79 unique calls, and one magnet has attracted 97 calls so far – and they keep coming in!”



“We attracted 46 new patients in 3 months! I love the beautiful cards. They were mailed today and we already received phone calls from two new patients! You and your team did a fantastic job! Thank you very much.”



“Just wanted to say thanks again for another stellar mail-out. In the first 3 days of the week after the mailer went out, we have had 30 new patients phone and book appointments for themselves and their families (a total of 50-60 people at least). 

The personalization of the direct mail-out has worked very well for us and we have had a very positive response from people. My receptionist Michelle came to me on the 2nd day and said she couldn’t get anything done because the phone was ringing so much!! Thanks again Dan!” 

— Copperfield Dental Center


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“We’ve grown from 100 patients to around 600 patients!” — Discover Dental

“We generated hundreds of new patients in the first year alone.”

— Avalon Dental Care

“We’re attracting between 75 and 93 new patients per month.”

— Clayburn Dental

“I averaged 80 new patients
for October and November.“

— Copperfield Dental Center

“We’ve attracted 60 new patients in
two weeks! I would recommend these cards to anyone and everyone.”


“Our office Discover Dental has had amazing results with our mail-outs created by The Practice Marketers. Before doing the mail-outs our office had just opened and our patient base was around 100 patients. To date our office patient base is now 600 active patients! We did do other forms of advertising (signs, etc.) which did get us a few patients, but nothing compared to the outcome from the mail-outs from The Practice Marketers.” 

— Discover Dental


“Nice mailer. I love this new campaign. It has such a fantastic look. Everyone is going crazy over it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Great work :)”


“We are so happy we finally decided to take the leap and send out a mailer. Our new patient count increased by over 40% the first month, and they’re still coming in! The mailer was very well done and clients love the magnet that was enclosed. The Practice Marketers were very easy to work with, we are looking forward to working with them again in the future!” 

— Jackie from Westmeadow Dental

“The response has been unbelievable, couldn’t be happier. We’re averaging about 80 new patients for October and November. December seems to be slowing down but that’s expected. So very happy with the response. Thanks!” 

— Dr. A. Gill

“Want to do things right the first time? I suggest you call The Practice Marketers. They have been able to create a professional and unique identity for us as well as generate hundreds of new patients in the first year alone. Our investment has paid for itself many times. Thank you for a job well done!” 

— Avalon Dental Care


“Just thought I’d let you know that my mail-out is doing awesome…both receptionists want to unplug the phones…on average 8-10 New families are booking a day (30-40 people)!!!” 

— Dr. Phillip


“Here are some interesting stats:  January 28 – February 24 I got 149 unique calls (this was a magnet mail-out) and February 24 – March 22 I got 283 unique calls… amazing numbers!!!!! This is my highest month yet.” 

— Go Dental

“This year we received 686 calls from the magnets and 339 from mail-outs!”

“The biggest benefit: The results and the amount of new patients we’ve been able to generate every month…“

— Stephen Wall, Director of Marketing for Clayburn Dental

“I have been using The Practice Marketers’ newsletter services for five years. Although we send three mailings a year to the same postal area I am constantly amazed at the response. Time and time again patients relate having seen my newsletter repeatedly and a call to our office was triggered by an immediate Dental need.

These patients may not have chosen to leave their previous Dental office based on my mailing, but they chose MY office because of it.” 

— Dr. Tzvi Rubinger

“The first newsletter has been a tremendous success. I’ve received tons of calls and positive feedback.”



“After sending out patient newsletters our office received 124 unique calls in the first seven months!”

“People look forward to reading the patient newsletters – they love the quiz to win movie tickets, the informative content and the recipes.”

“Lots of people come into the practice
because of our Birthday Cards.”

“We got a 24.59% response rate from the birthday card mailings alone.”

— Ontario Dentist

"I deal with at least 50 different organizations to run my business and you have been the most professional, and trustworthy, business I have dealt with.


I can only say good things about you. I wish I could say the same about the other 49 businesses. Keep it up. You’re #1 !!!"

— Dr. Danny Goldberg

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