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“I know I've gotten several
new patients from the buzz.”

— Dr. Maneesh Gupta

All-Natural Lip Balm Giveaways for Patients

When patients receive something for free, they feel an unconscious, psychological pressure to return the favor through loyalty to your practice.

Our astonishingly successful promotional giveaway is a specially formulated, all-natural and mint-flavored lip balm, with a label that is custom-designed for your dental office.

If you’re interested in making a great impression on your patients, solidifying their loyalty and growing your practice, then these are the perfect giveaways.  

  • the vibrant, full-color label is custom-designed for your dental office to increase brand awareness for your practice, and keep you top of mind

  • they’re a perfect gift – all year round

  • they stay fresh for two years – so you can stock up

  • lip balms are unique, useful, relevant and more exciting than the usual “giveaways”

  • and all the lip balms are free of parabens and petroleum; so your patients will appreciate the high quality


These patient giveaways are pretty powerful – in fact, they can make your practice the talk of the town.

Here are some reviews from dental offices raving about the benefits of giving lip balms away to their patients:


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“My patients get a huge kick out of the lip balm I give them. They tell me they use it whenever they want an extra dose of comfort or confidence in their appearance. And they tell their friends, too! I know I’ve gotten several new patients from the buzz.”

— Dr. Maneesh Gupta, Buroak Dental & Buroak Dental West, Markham, ON

“The lip balm with our label on it is a fabulous item to give out at initial consultations, restorative appointments and recare appointments. The patient knows right away that we care about her and that goes a long way to establishing the comfort level she needs in deciding on the treatment we recommend.”

— Dr. Vince Fava, Dentistry on Torbram. Brampton, ON

 “We used to give out pens and sometimes note pads with our name on them, but they never seemed to have much impact. The lip balm is a whole different thing! Their eyes light up when they first see it and a lot of them try it right then and there. I can tell by the smile that we’ve cemented a friendship.”

— Liz Stanley, Director of Operations,
Avalon Dental Care (Whitby, ON) & Somerset Dental Care (Ajax, ON)

“My patients want to look and feel healthy and attractive and they tell me the lip balm is a nice little boost for both feelings. They say putting it on contributes to an overall feeling of self-confidence and wellbeing. If that’s how they feel when they’re looking at my name, I say Hooray!”

— Pravir Patel, DDS, Churchill Meadows Dental Centre, Mississauga, ON

“Having a bowl full of lip balms in my office lobby adds just the right touch. It says we welcome our patients, we value them and we understand their feelings and desires. Then when they see that it’s an all-natural product, our stock goes up even higher in their estimation. I’ve seen women tuck several sticks away when they thought no one was looking. Did they think I’d be angry if they took some for their friends? Not likely.”

— Jodi Thurmeier, Northern Hills Dental & Panatella Dental, Calgary, AB

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