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“The first newsletter has been a tremendous success…”

Patient Newsletters

​Long-lasting patient relationships are built on trust and familiarity. You can create a solid foundation by sending patients some useful, fun and interactive information from time to time.


Building this kind of trust with your patients involves using a consistent and frequent long-term strategy.


One of the best, and most straightforward, ways to create this kind of momentum is with a routinely-mailed patient newsletter.

The key to a successful newsletter is to focus on the interests of the patient. You want them to read it, don’t you? And chances are, they won’t, if it’s packed with clinical information and dry statistics they don’t enjoy. At The Practice Marketers, we include fun information that has value for the patients, like:


  • useful recipes

  • engaging puzzles

  • seasonal tips

  • riddle competitions (with prizes each month)

  • fascinating facts

  • relevant articles on a variety of health topics

  • and more!

Each patient newsletter crafted by our expert team of writers and designers is interesting, informative and wrapped in the tradition of arriving home. Your patients will look forward to receiving your themed and custom-designed patient newsletters (printed on high-quality paper stock).


Also, included with each patient newsletter is your choice of:


  • a professionally written insert or article

  • a unique “family fun” activity sheet with craft ideas, more puzzles and interactive quizzes

  • or a referral certificate, which encourages your existing patients to grow your practice for you!

However, the most important aspect is that there is no promotional material included in the content of the patient newsletter itself.


Our newsletters remind your patients that they matter to you by simply connecting with them – because you consider them to be part of your practice’s family: family with whom you share games, puzzles, recipes and fun facts.


The written letter is a tradition that has connected people for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.


And it’s still working today.


Backed by the power of deeply familiar tradition, consistently mailed, effectively crafted newsletters can create patient connections for life.


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This is what dentists are saying about the Patient Newsletters we craft for their practice’s marketing: 

“I have been using The Practice Marketers’ newsletter services for five years. Although we send three mailings a year to the same postal area I am constantly amazed at the response. Time and time again patients relate having seen my newsletter repeatedly and a call to our office was triggered by an immediate Dental need. These patients may not have chosen to leave their previous Dental office based on my mailing, but they chose MY office because of it.”

— Dr. Tzvi Rubinger

 “The first newsletter has been a tremendous success. I’ve received tons of calls and positive feedback.”

“After sending out patient newsletters our office received 124 unique calls in the first seven months!”

“People look forward to reading the patient newsletters – they love the quiz to win movie tickets, the informative content and the recipes.”

“I am constantly amazed at the response. Time and time again new patients see the newsletter and call the office.”

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