Seasonal Greeting
Card Program

 Make your patients feel valued
and appreciated.

Seasonal Greeting Card Program

The holidays provide another opportunity for you to win your patients’ trust and loyalty with thoughtful gestures.


Sending a personalized seasonal greeting card is instantly recognizable as a caring act of appreciation toward your patients and their families.

  • Our seasonal greeting cards are professionally printed on thick, high-quality glossy card stock, showing that when it comes to giving back to your patients you don’t “cheap out.”

  • Entire patient families are presented with a high-quality professional image that’s specifically customized to their household. The patient family’s surname is spelled out in letters baked out of shortbread, and featured on the front of the card.

  • The inside of the card features a relatable poem about giving the gift of a smile to others during the holiday season. This is a cross-culture statement that everyone can connect with, because (to use the words of Crosby, Stills and Nash) all of us smile in the same language.

  • The salutation gives thanks to the patient family, and incorporates a handwritten greeting from your practice, to enhance the personal touch.


This is the kind of loyalty-generating gesture that patients will remember – because you make them feel valued and appreciated.


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