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When You’re Busy, Market MORE


You’re hard at it. Your receptionist is squeezing in patients. You barely see your family, or the sun, for that matter. Chances are, the last thing you’re thinking about is marketing your dental office when you’re this busy.


However, your practice’s marketing should be the first thing on your mind.


Counterintuitive? Yes. Wrong? No.


When you’re busy, you need to make sure you stay busy, by marketing MORE.


The best way to do this is by investing in your existing patients, and in attracting more new patients. Nurturing loyalty in your patient relationship works just like any other relationship: when things are going well you don’t just stop buying flowers.


No matter how hectic your office life gets, you need to keep asking for referrals, sending out birthday cards, writing thank you notes to patients who offer referrals, etc. – and you also need to keep up with your new patient attraction marketing efforts.


The strategy is to bring in more new patients even if it means working a few extra hours during the “upswing.”


It’s easy to grow your practice during good times, and like a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter, you want to have a fat enough patient data base to help you soar through the lean times.


After all, business is cyclical. If you wait until profits are down to initiate a marketing system, you’ll have lost a lot of momentum and missed a crucial opportunity to network for valuable referrals through all the new patients flooding your dental office.


In other words, if you wait for a lull in your production to marketing your practice, then you put yourself in the position of having to start all over again with ads, direct mail, etc.


As Newton discovered, “An object in motion stays in motion.” Try to apply this theory to your practice.


When you keep your practice’s marketing moving forward during the fast times, you won’t even feel the slowdown when your practice’s production takes an inevitable dip here and there.


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