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Peachy Marketing Tactics for your Dental Office


When we went on our much-anticipated Disney Alaskan Cruise, my family and I stayed in Seattle for a few nights… and I have to say, the “Inn at the Market” is my favorite hotel. With exceptional service, and located a stone’s throw away from the historic Pikes Market, these accommodations are a “must” if you’re staying in Seattle.


In addition to enjoying Seattle as a visitor, I observed some pretty cool strategies through the eyes of a passionate marketer. Here’s a story about a truly “peachy” marketing tactic that I noted during one of my trips:


Seattle is the second largest port on the west coast, and is home to the historic Pikes Market. Pikes Market has so much to offer, and most of it’s local. You can “feast” your eyes on endless displays of fruits, seafood, vegetables, flowers and so much more.


As you might imagine, there are hundreds of vendors – and many are selling the EXACT same things. But in this jammed market, filled with thousands of people, one vendor in particular stood out from the crowd.


The vendor I singled out was selling fresh fruits and vegetables (like tons of other guys) but in his case, he was positioned at the edge of his stand, cutting slices off a fresh peach and handing samples out to the crowd.


The vendor said, “Try one of our ‘Oh My God Peaches!” … And I love peaches, so I was in.

I tried it, and yes – Oh My God! It was so delicious that I immediately purchased four peaches for us to enjoy in our hotel room.


But the most significant detail to mention, is that within the 100 feet of space surrounding him, there were at least five other vendors selling (what I would imagine are) the same peaches.


So why did I purchase peaches from this particular vendor?


Well, first of all he was offering samples. He believed so much in his product that he was giving tastes away for free. Secondly, and most importantly, he made these peaches seem different with his clever use of the written word.


When he branded them as  “Oh My God Peaches,” he was definitely labeling them differently than the rest of the vendors crowding his space and jostling for attention. In fact, the words he chose to describe his peaches were so radically different, that he stood out like crazy!


After I commented on the brilliance of his marketing tactics he said, “I’ve actually trademarked Oh My God Peaches, because it works so well.”


And the next day, when I went back for more Oh My God Peaches, I noticed the banana sign – Boneless Bananas.




This story illustrates the importance of differentiating yourself from the other dental practices in your area by simply being creative with the written word.


From your signage, to patient newsletter headlines, the right kind of writing is a powerful marketing tool that can be a real “peach” when you want to stand out from the crowd.

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