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With dental practices springing up on every street corner, marketing has become essential. You need to find a way to stand out from the massive pack. And you also need to find a way to brand yourself so that everyone knows your name, your website and your phone number.


To accomplish this, it helps to be clever and persistent. In fact, the key to any marketing system is persistence. This is why marketing “gurus” often talk about “Customer Relationship Management (CRM).”


That’s just fancy jargon (or a fancy acronym) for a simple premise: create meaningful relationships with your patients and prospects to keep yourself top of mind and win their loyalty.


But if this is Customer (or in your case, PATIENT) Relationship Marketing, then why target the prospects? Well, because one day they may choose to leave their current dentist, or their current dentist may retire – and you’ll want to be the first dentist they call for their next cleaning.


TIP > If you can’t be everyone’s go-to dental practitioner, then strive to be the backup. Backups eventually get called.


Here’s how to “practice” Customer (Patient) Relationship Marketing like the pros:




It’s best to mail out newsletters, for example, at least every other month (preferably 8-12 times per year). The idea is to keep reminding patients and prospects that you exist, that your practice’s doors are open, that you want to give them a fantastic smile and that you’re accepting referrals.




Make sure all of your marketing material gives patients and prospects valuable information they can use. Don’t just bombard them with hard sell pitches – no one likes the feeling of someone constantly grabbing at their wallet. Informative newsletters, relevant health tips and even recipes will go a long way towards building loyalty and trust.




Build a brand and stick to it. If you constantly change your practice’s identity, patients and prospects will have a difficult time keeping track of you among all the other mail that that bombards them.




Sincerity in every communication is crucial. You need recipients to understand that you truly care about helping them.




Don’t forget to ask prospects and patients to do something. Make them an offer they can’t refuse – one that benefits both of you! Better yet, create a sense of urgency by putting an expiration date on the offer. You need to spur folks into action.


If you follow these tips, then you’ll be on your way to a healthy relationship with your patients. This will generate loyaltyand, ultimately, more loyal patients – making you king of the dentist mountain.


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