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When it Comes to Your Practice’s Marketing, STOP THINKING LIKE A DENTIST!

If you want to attract more new patients, then you need to give those patients what they like – and it’s not scary pictures of root canals or advanced gum disease.


To reel in more prospects, you need to think like a patient and offer up something they like – something that will make them feel good: for example, pictures of healthy, beautiful teeth.


The heart of your dental practice is wrapped up in your patients’ desires; so sell them on the healthy, attractive smiles they want, in order to keep them coming back for more.


Here are a few simple marketing techniques that will fill your waiting room.


Appeal to your patients’ vanity.


Remind your patients and prospects that a healthy smile is a beautiful thing, and let them know that you can give them the brightest smile in town.


There are many ways to do this: internal/external signage, newsletters and mailers are just a few great vehicles for your marketing message.


Leave the technical stuff in small print.


Instead, talk about how good they’ll feel with their brand new, shiny white smile.


Tell them about how it’s an asset at their place of work, or when developing relationships. You wouldn’t be lying. Studies show that good, healthy teeth can, in fact, help get people promoted.


Once your patients are on board and determined to achieve a particular goal for their smile, then you can discuss procedures using simple explanations that don’t send them running to the hills. (TIP à “Root Canal” can do that.)


Keep your advertising positive.


For example, a special offer that says, “Two Whiter, Brighter Smiles for the Price of One” sounds much more appealing than “50% off root planing and scaling.”


Similarly, if your logo is a caricature of a pulled molar, you may want to have a rethink.


You don’t want your visual identity to remind people of a painful extraction… do you? Plus, your job is to keep teeth in mouths. So associate your brand with something that is beautiful, natural or even abstract – as opposed to things that are agonizing.


If you want to change patients’ perceptions about going to the dentist, then you need to change the way you approach them. Think about things from your patients’ perspective – not your own!


When you “speak” to patients with your marketing, it’s best to forget all the technical stuff you learned in dental school.


Instead, highlight the things that make patients and prospects smile.


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