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Marketing to Women: Are You Targeting the Right Demographic?


When it comes to choosing a dentist for the family, women make over 90% of the decisions.


That’s hefty!


Additionally, when women find a dentist they love, 92% of them will refer their friends and family! (If you’re like other Dentists, you get more than 50% of your new patients through referrals. So this is important information.)


In light of these statistics, it’s no surprise that the Harvard Business Review discovered that out of all the industries, the healthcare industry (i.e. Dentists) will benefit the most from targeting women with their marketing.


Despite this fact, women across the board are expressing annoyance and dissatisfaction with a lack of convenience, and with long wait times for appointment scheduling.


Why? Well (the majority of) women are managing the home, and balancing this with family life, their profession and, later on, they’re taking care of aging parents – which definitely seasons their already busy lives with a liberal sprinkling of stress.


In summation: women have a lot going on… and as a result, time and convenience is very important to them.


But right now women are feeling ignored, or undervalued… which means that you have an enormous opportunity to channel your practice’s marketing toward this influential group in your practice’s neighborhood!


So how do you do it?


Well, like any target market, you need to know what motivates a woman to feel confident about her decision to choose you as a Dentist – not just for her, but also for her family.


To attract her to your practice, you need to answer her questions before she can ask them. You also need to predict, and speak, to her worries or needs before she even chooses you as her family’s dental clinician.


Basically, you need to show her that you genuinely care about her (and her family) before she even makes contact with you or your team…and you can do this through your marketing message.


The goal is to communicate how your practice will meet her needs by using language and imagery that resonates with women – prompting calls to your dental practice.


TIP: A lot of these marketing principles do not apply to women exclusively.


Here are a couple of pointers:


Build Relationships with Content and Consistency


Write content that’s directed towards her on a personal level. Connect with her, and build a rapport. This requires a certain amount of time and consistency, because on average people need to receive a (useful) marketing message seven times before they respond. This is why providing rich, educational content on a regular basis is the key to a successful dental marketing campaign.


Create Visual Appeal


When we look at stuff, our brains react before we’re even aware of it – and neuroscience can actually determine where on a page a set of eyes will land first. When we design mail pieces for our private clients, we definitely use this knowledge to our clients’ full advantage. Balancing the right seasonal colors, themes and imagery that motivates your target to call your office can be a challenge – but it’s well worth the attention.


Get Personal


Don’t be shy – talk about yourself! And I don’t mean talk about how you graduated at the top of your class in dental school. That won’t resonate. Instead, talk about how you how have two dogs, and that you go jogging with them every other morning. Share stories about yourself, your community involvement and maybe even include a couple of your favorite recipes. Women (well…people, actually) want to know who you and your team are before they place themselves and their families under your care.


Show the Benefits


It only makes sense that you need to communicate the benefits of choosing your practice in order to influence the woman of the household to make the call to your office for her family. What’s in it for her? What’s in it for her family? Are there any advantages that will make her choose you over your competition? Are your hours convenient? Can you see both her kids at once and cut her wait-time in half?


Meeting the needs of your target means that you will not only answer her questions – you’ll identify them for her while providing solutions.


Think of your marketing material as a voice. When you direct it at the right person, and fill your language with content that “speaks” to your desired audience, it becomes an invaluable way to reel in new prospects.


In this case, it’s best to speak to the member of the household who makes all the Dental appointments – before your competition does.

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