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Stop Forcing "The Sale"


No one likes a wallet-grabber.


Exceptional customer service, likeability and loyalty all play into the central theme of building meaningful, profitable relationships with your patients.


This means you need to stop forcing “The Sale.”


This sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? But if you stop thinking about income constantly, and start thinking about the impact you can have on your patients more often, you’ll get “The Sale” almost every time.


Instead of constantly pitching to prospects, spread your focus to helping your existing patients. Patients can become advocates for your practice if you make a difference in their lives (instead of holes in their wallets).


This is partially due to the reciprocity principle – one of the basic laws of social psychology. Basically it states that most of us are hardwired to return favors after they’re done for us. In the world of Dentistry, this translates into patient loyalty in exchange for exceptional care and service.


In other words, people love to feel appreciated and they feel obligated to return the favor.


For example – the free mint you get with the bill at a restaurant? That little thing increases tips by 20%! And the free mailing labels sent out by the Disabled American Veterans Charity pretty much double the number of people who decide to contribute to the cause – from 18% to 35%.


Your patients want a relationship with you: whether it’s through thoughtful gestures, like sending personalized birthday cards to their homes, or amazing service at your office.


Instead of going into your practice with only money on your mind, approach every patient wondering what you can do to improve their life, change their day for the better – or make something easier for them. This is the best way to ensure that patient service goes beyond “sales” – which increases your chances of transitioning prospects into lifelong patients.


In other words, don’t make your dental practice all about acquisition. You need to make a portion of your marketing about earning patient trust, and loyalty.


In order to do this, regular, quality communication with your patients is a must.


The goal is simple: earn TRUST and establish a LOYAL bond that goes beyond price sensitivity and into mutual respect and confidence.


You can do this by focusing on your patients, their concerns and how your patients will benefit by choosing you as their lifetime dentist.


This is a long-term strategy. Nothing is more important than building long-standing patient loyalty. If you have loyal patients, you’ll end up with more patients, happier patients and higher retention rates – which is the easiest way to grow your practice.


High retention rates = easy money, and LOYALTY is the KEY that unlocks the door to this level of profitability.


I can’t emphasize it enough: when it comes to establishing patient loyalty, the dentist/patient relationship matters the most.

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