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When it Comes to Patient Relationships, Grandma Knows Best

In the digital world of email and text, it’s easier than ever to communicate with people on a massive scale.


But the problem with being able talk to everyone at once, is that you’re not really talking to anyone at all. Everyone is ridiculously accessible nowadays; and so communication has lost its personal touch.


Variable printing (once hailed as the hero of personalized automation) is now so commonplace that people know the letters arriving in the mail were all computer-generated – even if they’re “addressed specifically” to them.


So how do you genuinely connect to your customers in this technological world?


Basically? Do what your Grandma would do: hand-write a note, and hand-write the envelope. Today, handwritten notes are as personalized as personalized gets.


Plus, they are extremely rare! Which means that you’ll be set far apart from your mass of competitors.


Of course, you’re not going to write 300 customer notes in an evening. But you can, however, break this up by sending out a few at a time.


Before you know it, you’ll have reached out and touched everyone in your patient database with this deceptively casual system.


Here are some occasions that warrant time-travel back to an earlier era, when handwritten notes were the most popular way to show appreciation:




When a patient gives you a referral, it’s really nice for them to get a personalized “thank you.” Even better, take it further by including a small gift card. This could be as simple as a free coffee at a local coffee shop, or a 2-for-1 certificate to the movies. These are sure to keep those referrals coming!


New Patient Appreciation


Write a note to new patients, in order to personally welcome them to your dental office “family.” This high-touch method might even encourage them to bring the rest of their family into your practice as well.




Send a handwritten note to commemorate a longtime patient’s first appointment. Just because you’re their favorite dentist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work at staying their favorite dentist.


Even if you haven’t handwritten a thing in years, it’s time to get yourself some stationary.


You’ll be surprised at how much some penmanship and a stamp can do for your business.


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