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Your Old Friend the Telephone is Still Your Most Powerful Marketing Ally

When it comes to truly connecting with your patients, sometimes a fancy chain of emails or an impersonal system of texts just doesn’t cut the mustard.


In order to get more patients calling your dental office for appointments, sometimes all that is required is a warm, friendly voice.


This means picking up the good ol’ telephone.


But I’m not suggesting that you start thumbing through the phone book and cold-calling folks to ask them if they’ve had their teeth cleaned lately.


Instead, I’m proposing that you engage in some time-honored gestures: for example, simply asking patients how they’re doing, and maybe inquiring about the camping trip you know they went on with their family last month.


This kind of personal touch reinforces your relationship with your patients – and relationships are essential to your practice’s growth.


Try to keep in mind that it’s important for the dentist to make the call. Don’t relegate this task to your receptionist(s). Patients will be more appreciative of a phone call from their actual doctor.


Making phone calls may sound like a time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Two to three phone calls an evening may only take 15 minutes – and those 15 minutes can turn into thousands of dollars in profits by the end of the year.


Here are three occasions that mark the perfect moment to simply pick up the phone and make a call:


After a Major Procedure


Don’t just send patients off with a copy of a post-procedural sheet of instructions. Speak to them that night and sincerely ask about how they’re doing.


Additionally, offer them a number to call in case of any concerns, complications or emergencies.


Patients will like that you took the time to call them – and they’ll feel appreciated, instead of feeling like burgers flipped through your fast food dentist joint.


When You Get a Referral


Call the patient who is spreading the good word about your dental office and THANK THEM PERSONALLY.


You should also follow up with a handwritten thank you note – but an initial phone call will keep them singing about your practice to family and friends.


Out of the Blue


Haven’t seen Billy in a while? Then call him. Ask him how he’s doing. Often patients simply forget to schedule their cleanings. Or they may have lost their insurance. Regardless of why they have strayed, you can offer them ways to get back on the road to healthy teeth.


Picking up the phone may be an “old” marketing method – but it still brings in the smiles for your dental office.


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