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Why Should You Change Your Dental Practice’s Marketing Philosophy?

Get help “pushing the marketing boulder” uphill


“It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” - Henry Ford



I read an article on called, “5 Key Ways to Build Customer Relationships.” The article compared marketing to pushing a boulder uphill (stop me if you’ve heard this one).


When you’re marketing your practice (pushing the boulder uphill) you can do it yourself – but it’s better to get a bunch of enthusiastic patients to help you!


…And you get those patients to help you by building relationships with every single one of them. This ensures that their experience with you keeps them buzzing about your dental practice.


The boulder metaphor is great, because it illustrates the constant struggle of generating production with marketing – which can sometimes feel like an overwhelming, uphill battle if you do it alone.


The boulder metaphor also shows how a strong relationship with patients can become a sales lifeline.


Retention and referrals from happy, loyal patients can take a lot of marketing weight off your shoulders. Essentially, they start pushing the boulder for you!


Turning networks into patients (networking) is a long-term investment, and you do it right by adding value to your patient relationships so that all the contacts you worked hard to make pay off.


You need to communicate like your practice’s life depends on it.


TIP -- it does…


Whether it’s a system of patient newsletters, a greeting card for patient families during the holiday season or a traditional birthday card, there are lots of ways to win your patients’ loyalties – and make them your biggest fans!


The best part is, this fan-base will grow your practice in leaps and bounds! When they tell their friends and family to switch Dentists and visit you (because of all the extra value you add to their patronage), you’re getting the most effective patient attraction marketing done FOR you – FREE OF CHARGE.


With this in mind, it can be said that changing your mindset involves finding a healthy balance between acquisition and retention.


This may be hard to do if you’ve been solely focused on attracting new patients for a number of years – but I suggest you give it a try! The results will be astonishing.


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