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The Best New Dental Patient “Phone Blueprint”

A Step-by-Step Blueprint for Your Front Office Team to Help Them Convert Calls into New Patients


Are you marketing the heck out of your Dental practice, without any results?


Dental Marketing campaigns can miss the mark for a number of reasons: maybe they’re not frequent, or consistent enough– maybe your Direct Mail piece designs aren’t standing out in the mailbox– maybe the headlines and copy aren’t “convincing” enough to motivate your targets to visit you … or maybe everything is working beautifully – your phones are ringing… but you just don’t see any new patients.


Sometimes, the problem starts (and ends!) with the telephone. When a prospect calls your Dental Office, that’s a very promising bite on the line worth a Patient Lifetime Value of $3,500 (or more!).


We’re your Direct Mail Dental Marketing experts, so it’s our job to create campaigns that get them to take the bait, and make the call – but once the prospects start calling, it’s up to your front office team to reel them in!


We can set up a world-class Direct Mail campaign for your practice that’s completely Done-for-You, and get a constant stream of potential new patients calling your Dental Office every month… BUT if your frontline keeps failing to convert those phone calls into new patients, you’re wasting time, money and your practice’s opportunity to grow.


That’s why we’ve researched a plan to help you eliminate the guesswork. We want you to stop wasting time and money – and we’re excited for you to rest easy knowing that your front office staff is stuffing your schedule with new patient appointments, every day, every week, every month.


Feel free to print this, give it to your staff, and enjoy watching the new patients roll into your Dental Office:


Three-Step Blueprint for Turning Calls Into Dental Patients


ONE: Never Discuss Prices Over the Phone


This is pretty much the “golden rule” of most businesses. If you give someone “sticker shock” with a hefty price tag over the phone, he or she will decline your services before they even know what you have to offer – or why a procedure is priced the way it is.


It’s best to leave any kind of discussion about price alone, until the Dentist can have a face-to-face conversation with the new patient regarding treatment plans and price options.


TWO: Give Prospects a “Special” Offer


Offer a free check-up, a reduction in the cost of a teeth-whitening procedure, or some other simple incentive. Better yet, put an expiration date on it! This encourages potential patients to book their appointment quickly, before they miss their chance to get a great deal.


THREE: Always Try to Book an Appointment


Most people actually need to be told what to do. For example, they’ve been told to call your office – “Call Today to Book an Appointment!” – and now that they’re on the phone, they need to be told what to do next. Often, potential new patients are just an easy invitation away from visiting your Dental practice. Once you get a prospect on the phone, your frontline staff needs to actively book those appointments, or you won’t secure half as many new patients as you should!


Please, print this Three-Step Blueprint, and give it to your staff today – they’ll be in possession of a tool that can convert a steady flow of new patients for your practice month after month.

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