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10 Gift & Giveaway Ideas Guaranteed to Please Your Patients!


Everyone appreciates a free, useful gift – and incorporating branded promotional giveaways into your dental marketing are a great way to capture or reward more dental patients!


When patients get something for nothing, they feel an unconscious, psychological pressure to return the favor through loyalty to your dental practice.


This is actually an age-old human trait that was defined long ago as the “Law of Reciprocity.” Simply put, people are hardwired to return favors (or in your case, patient-doctor loyalty) as a way of expressing thanks.


Also, when patients use items covered in your branding on a daily basis, this makes your practice really hard to forget!


Innovative branded gifts are perfect for:


- New Patient Welcome Gifts


- Referral Gifts


- Thank You / Patient Appreciation Gifts


- Congratulations! Gifts (i.e. when a lengthy treatment has been completed)


- Gifts for Mom While She Waits


- Incentive Programs for Kids (i.e. rewards for brushing properly)


Here are 10 ideas for branded gifts and giveaways that you can give to your new / current patients to introduce yourself, show appreciation, generate loyalty and keep your practice top of mind:




A new coffee or travel mug is always a welcome gift – and every time they enjoy a beverage, your patients will think of your practice!




Goodie bags aren’t just for kids! Reusable bags that contain some “prezzies” for your adult patients are a great way to start off (or stay) on the right foot. You can include discounts for various products (such as an electric toothbrush) and coupons for a service or two (for example, 15% off teeth-whitening).


Also, be sure to include your dental practice’s logo and details about your practice (i.e. website, phone number, etc) on the bag or tote, because your patients will use it while shopping and do some advertising for you when they carry it around the store!




Dental floss in a credit card thin dispenser (that fits easily in a wallet or purse) has been a popular patient gift since it was invented!


Floss that “goes where you go” is a fantastic way to promote a practice because it’s useful (especially in emergency situations) – and it’s an everyday item that keeps your office top-of-mind.




Everybody loves having a great pen – and on top of that, everyone loves being the hero who has a great pen to offer, when someone needs one!


Every time a dental patient uses your practice’s pen, or lends it to someone else, they’ll be reminded of you; in fact, a branded pen can also serve as a great reminder to schedule a follow-up appointment!


Just make sure you invest in quality pens, so that they last for a long time.




As you know, it takes two full minutes of brushing to properly clean teeth. Yet (as you also know) many patients fail to meet this recommended duration. That’s why a terrific gift for patients is a dental timer – branded for your practice, of course.


Your patients will become more aware of exactly how long they’re brushing, and, they’ll think of you every time they brush their teeth (which is hopefully every day)!




These are a good choice, because many people need one – or enjoy having several! If it’s in your budget, consider a key chain that has a built-in flashlight. This increases the value of the gift for the patient, which means they’ll be more likely to use it.


Finally, don’t forget to print all of your practice’s information on the key chain, because once again, this is free advertising for your office.




Patients RARELY throw out thermoses or thermal lunch bags. They have too much inherent value.


These branded items are great advertisements for your practice when they sit on your patients’ desks or workstations all day. They also serve to keep your practice top-of-mind, with positive associated feelings running high, as they keep comfort foods and beverages nice and warm.




An astonishingly successful promotional giveaway is a specially formulated, all-natural and mint-flavored lip balm, with a label that’s custom-designed for your dental office. This is a gift that you can be sure patients will keep.


If you’re interested in making a great impression on your patients, solidifying their loyalty and promoting your practice, then these are the perfect giveaways. They keep you top-of-mind, they serve as great conversation starters and they’re a perfect gift all year round – plus, they stay fresh for two years, so you can stock up!




Branded hand sanitizer bottles and sprays are becoming common gifts in dental  offices. Customized with your practice’s information on them, these pocket-sized items fit easily in purses or pockets, and come out to advertise your office frequently throughout the day.




Woo your mini patients with goodie bags customized for your practice. Stuffing them with fun items like toys, stickers and coloring books is a great way to make your younger patients (and their parents) feel good about their overall experience at your practice.


Kids will love taking home the branded items they receive, and entire patient families will be encouraged to come back to your office in the future.


As previously mentioned, when patients receive something for free, they feel an unconscious, psychological pressure to return the favor through loyalty to your practice…


…which makes your patient giveaway a pretty powerful marketing tool! When these customized items start circulating, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your practice becomes the talk of the town – and how fast your practice grows when you stay top-of-mind, each and every day, with the branded gifts you give to patients.



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