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Direct Mail is the Highest Return on Investment Practice Growth Strategy – BAR NONE




When it comes to patient attraction systems, nothing comes close to Direct Mail. Not only will more new patients flood your practice… you’ll also generate referrals and repeat patients at a fraction of the cost.


In fact, Direct Mail campaigns generate higher quality patients who pay and refer. Dental marketing statistics indicate that every new patient is worth up to two new referrals.


With this strategy, you get new patients cost-effectively – and you get referred patients at virtually no cost to you. We’ve seen anywhere from 10 to 15 additional patients per month flooding the offices of Dentists who implement this simple and highly effective system.


Believe it or not, the number one asset in your business is your satisfied patient list!


Your production and income depends upon your charts. The current economy has pushed patients to price shop and find lower-cost Dental services. While you can’t prevent everyone from leaving, if you have a systematic process like Direct Mail in place to communicate with existing patients in the right way – you build lasting relationships.


 “In business the secret to keeping and growing clients… is to keep continual and meaningful communication with everything important to you.”


– Jay Abraham (Legendary Marketing Genius)


With Direct Mail, attrition rates plummet because:


(1) You maintain top-of-mind awareness. When people think about Dentistry, you are the only choice.


(2) Patients know you care about them, because you communicate your value and service on a consistent basis.


The truth is, 68% of patients leave a practice because they feel the doctor and staff took them for granted. They feel they were treated with an attitude of indifference.  None of your patients will feel that way when you implement Direct Mail strategies.


Patient Lifetime Value (PLV) is a simple concept. In a nutshell, it reflects what the average patient is worth to your practice. This number is more important than daily production and a full schedule. It affects your marketing budget, your bottom line and the appraisal of your practice.   



“Only one in four dentists has actually calculated the value of a new Dental patient to their practice…”


– Jim Du Molin (


Here’s a hypothetical example to make this “real” for you: Pretend you have 1,000 patients and these patients stay with you for an average of four years. Now pretend your practice income over the past four years adds up to $3,000,000. Your patient lifetime value is $3,000,000 divided by 1,000… which is $3,000 per patient. This means that each new patient you acquire is worth an average of $3,000 to you.


By using Direct Mail, many Dentists can generate up to 15 or more new patients per month on a regular basis. But let’s be conservative and say you add an extra 10 patients per month using Direct Mail strategies. Here’s what this means: 10 new patients/month x 48 months (4 years) = 480 additional patients. Take 480 patients and multiply by $3,000 (PLV) and you get… $1,440,000 in extra revenue above and beyond your current income over four years.


Many practices have a much higher Patient Lifetime Value than the example given. So you’re potentially looking at a lot of extra money. All of this is made possible when you implement a patient attraction marketing system specifically designed to put more patients in your seats and more dollars in your bank account.


Whether you like it or not, marketing is the best way to grow any practice. But not just any kind of marketing will do. Most efforts at attracting new patients are not working well today.


Direct Mail is a well-orchestrated, consistent and systematic process for attracting new patients, staying in touch with current patients and compelling them to come back, refer and spread the word about you. Direct Mail is THE best practice growth strategy working right now for Dentists in this new economy. When you implement this simple, cost-effective and response-generating media you can expect to:

  • attract more new patients

  • maximize advertising ROI

  • retain more active patients

  • prosper in any economy

  • generate more referrals

  • enjoy practicing dentistry

  • stabilize your practice production

  • grow your practice with less stress

  • ensure financial security

  • have happier patients

  • increase your income

  • increase patient loyalty

  • reduce marketing expenses

Consider this: The most recent DMA Response Report says Direct Mail fetches a 1% response from “cold” lists… and… a whopping 3.7% response from “house” lists. All digital channels combined only achieve a paltry 0.62% response rate. Which means, Direct Mail outperforms all digital channels combined by nearly… 600%!


Have you heard of a little company called Google? There’s no better example of a corporate giant in the tech-driven digital world. Let’s just say they have a few experienced marketers on staff; and Direct Mail is a crucial part of their business acquisition strategy.


What’s more (and I found this really interesting) Google is the preeminent online search engine. The company has a market cap of $367-billion with staggering profits of $65.98-billion, and makes 97% of its revenue by selling its paid advertising product “Google Adwords.”


How does Google sell this product? Among other ways… Direct Mail! In fact, what most people don’t know is that Google is the EIGHTH largest technology Direct Mailer in the United States!


Google mails out millions of Direct Mail pieces – especially postcards paired with gifts and offers.


This company knows that Direct Mail can send the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT PEOPLE using pieces that STAND OUT IN THE MAILBOX. Once you see them, you just have to know what they say, and what’s inside.


Google uses Direct Mail marketing because it’s targeted – measurable – and it produces results.


Obviously, you need to use the right kind of Direct Mail. After 17 years serving Dentists (and mailing out millions of Direct Mail pieces) we’ve found a system that is second to none.


First of all, this system combines the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT MARKET using specified mail campaigns. These “eye-popping” pieces stand out in the mailbox. You can’t miss them… and once you get a glance… you've just got to know what they say.


Second, they appeal to the one person in the household who makes the “Dental decisions” in the family: Mom!


Finally, this system combines “track-able” and cost-effective frequency / consistency of mailing in just the right balance, so you can maximize the return on your investment.


Lots of Dentists tried drinking the digital marketing “Kool-Aid,” but they’re all coming back to Direct Mail.


Why? Because it works.



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