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Make the “P” in Patients Stand for Profit!


It’s tough to find new patients in a slow economy – but on a brighter note, you don’t necessarily have to go on a wild goose chase for new recruits in order to increase your production.


Your current patients already know you. They already like you. Most importantly, they already trust you.


Chances are, however, that there are a few patient files gathering dust in your coffers, and quite a few smiles that haven’t seen fluoride in a few months… or even a few years!


As you know, lots of patients lapse on visiting the dentist.


TIP: When you recommend that they commit to a system of 6-month check-ups, your profits will start to rise.


Essentially, the idea is to turn all your patients into quality patients, ones who visit regularly, who get their cavities filled, whiten their teeth, fix their overbites, etc.


It’s unrealistic to expect all of your patients to convert and become “THE perfect patient”…but with a few proven dental marketing strategies and tools, a great many will.


Here are some fun ways to promote loyalty and maximize the return on your current patients:


Bribe: Not for real, of course. But giving small tokens of your appreciation like lip balms, fridge magnets and other kitsch items will serve as a constant reminder of your practice’s existence.


Write: Personalized cards are a great way to “address” your patients directly. You can even include a gift voucher on their birthday, prompting them to call your office to redeem their gift – and this will lead to more appointments!


Educate: A patient newsletter with recipe cards and valuable articles about oral health will keep you top of mind, and encourage people to call you because you communicate with them consistently – like a friend, or family member.


Mail: 118% more time is spent with mail than with digital communication. So if you want to truly connect with your patients, keep the correspondence off the screen. You have a better chance of them “listening” to your message when you mail it directly into their hands.


Remind: Most of the time patients don’t call because they’re busy. So phone them instead. Make it easy for them to book an appointment on the spot – or mail them a recall card if you haven’t seen them in a while.


Befriend: Get to know your patients. Make friends with them and they’ll be more likely to send new patients your way!


No dental office can truly succeed without constantly acquiring new patients. But making the most of (and getting referrals from) the patients you already have can dramatically boost your practice’s bottom line.



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