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The Six Laws of Answering the Phone at the Dental Office


We don’t mean to sound strict – and most of these “rules” are common sense. But at times, your front office team will need a gentle reminder or two to keep them functioning optimally. They’re only human, after all!


…and the way they answer the phone at your Dental Office can make the difference between converting a prospect into a new patient – or sending them (as well as your current patients) straight to your competition.


That’s why we’re providing some pointers about phone etiquette, to ensure that your staff is putting your practice’s best foot forward when prospects and patients “ring” your Dental practice:




1 > Ask if the patient has insurance at the beginning of the call


This avoids wasting a bunch of time on the phone with a prospect who won’t make an appointment because you can’t accept their Dental Insurance.


2 > Don’t eat or chew gum!


Never do this on the phone… like… never, ever. Period.


3 > Answer with a “smile”


Believe it or not, when you have a smile on your face, it beams through the telephone, making you sound more upbeat and personable; and this makes a great first impression!


4 > If you need to put someone on hold, ASK him or her if it’s okay


This is simply more respectful than just slamming someone on hold. Also, try to keep hold times under a minute if you can. No one likes being on hold, but if you make it as pleasant as possible, they won’t resent it.


5 > Don’t send and read messages, or type while you’re on the phone


When you’re speaking to a potential patient, it’s crucial that you give them your undivided attention. If your prospects don’t feel comfortable on the phone, they’re definitely not going to want to sit in your chair!


6 > Avoid a monotone voice at all times


You really don’t want to sound like Janine from Ghostbusters when you answer the phone. It’s entertaining in the movie, but in real life a monotone voice will totally bore callers, and lose their attention in seconds.




Feel free to print this blog. Cut it out, and display it in your Dental Office for your staff to use as a tool that will keep new patients flowing into your practice – and make the patients you already have feel like they’re appreciated.



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