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Can Branded Giveaway Bags for Patients Benefit Your Practice?


Giveaway bags help create goodwill toward your practice… and the value of goodwill cannot be underestimated.


In business, goodwill is: “an intangible asset that provides a competitive advantage, such as a strong brand or reputation” (


Essentially, goodwill is what keeps patient families loyal to you, and it’s what inspires them to refer your practice to friends, coworkers and family.


Of course, providing excellent care and amazing service are the most important reasons for patients to return to your office – but branded giveaway bags can really sweeten the pot. Who doesn’t like to get presents?


When patients walk out of your practice with a customized bag stuffed with free goodies, they have an extra reason to be pleased with their visit to your office – which is always a good thing!


So what goes in the branded giveaway bag?


If the cost of branded giveaway bags is a major concern for you, that’s okay. With creative (and careful) shopping, you can easily fill a giveaway bag without draining your bank account, while making a solid investment in “goodwill.”


All you have to do is decide on the message you’d like to convey with each branded package.


Maybe you want to provide specialty oral health-care products to senior patients. Or perhaps you want to “wow” your child patients with fun items or toys, and make them look forward to their next visit. Additionally, a new patient should always get different gifts/giveaways than those who have been with your practice for years.


The bottom line is, your giveaway bags should be customized according to your patient demographic. A businesswoman won’t be excited about the products you put in a bag for an eight-year-old patient, and visa versa!


Sometimes your giveaway bags will include a whole bunch of innovative products (and a marketing brochure or two), and other times they might be filled with fun and unusual items designed to amuse your patients.


You and your staff can brainstorm giveaway ideas for hours! In the meantime, here are a bunch of great ideas for individual purposes.


Customizing the Giveaway Bag Itself


Some practices use plastic giveaway bags imprinted with their logo, and contact info. These can come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Other practices use branded thermal lunch bags, tote bags or canvas bags with drawstrings.


As long as the bag carries the mark of your practice, it will do its job.


Branded Item Ideas


LIP BALMS – These are powerful promotional giveaways, especially if the label is custom-designed for your practice.


- they can increase brand awareness for your office and keep you top of mind

- they’re a perfect gift, all year round

- they stay fresh for two years, so you can stock up!

- they’re unique, useful, relevant and more exciting that the usual “giveaways”


Keep in mind, that it’s best to keep your lip balms free of parabens and petroleum; your patients will appreciate the high quality.


PROMO FRIDGE MAGNETS – Custom, high-quality magnets should be designed to be put front and centre in the households surrounding your practice. They will hold pictures of the kids, or their drawings, on the fridge and can earn your practice some prime real estate in the hub of the family home.


The most surprising statistic about fridge magnets is that the average household will keep a promotional branded magnet on their fridge for up to eight years! This can be considered a valuable, long-term residual response.


You can even add tear-off offers to your magnet, specially designed for your patients.


Just make sure that the magnet is thick, and useful – if you want your patients to keep it around, the magnet needs to hold things up on the fridge (as opposed to the flimsy magnets that just slide to the ground).


FLOSS – As you know, many of your patients are aware of the fact that they should floss regularly… but few meet the requirements.


Even if branded floss samples sit at the bottom of a purse, they can come out during emergencies, or at other opportune moments, to help bring awareness back to your practice.


Depending on your target patient, you can decide how important it is for you to include floss samples in your giveaway bags.


TOOTHBRUSH – This one’s a “gimme.” Most patients actually count on a free toothbrush when they visit. You should always include a toothbrush. They’re easily customized for your practice, and you can mix things up by offering disposable or travel toothbrushes from time to time.


MOUTH RINSES & SPRAY BOTTLES – In some cases, including a starter bottle of a particular product is a great addition to oral health instruction. These aren’t necessarily branded to your practice, but if you’d like your patient to use a particular rinse, a free sample may be all they need to develop a new habit.


TIMERS – A promo sand timer (customized with your office’s logo / contact information) can be one of your patients’ favorite giveaways. Small children love them, and they make “toothbrushing time” more fun! Busy, distracted adults can also benefit from timing their brushing. This giveaway is a hit for all ages, and every time patients brush their teeth, they’ll think of you and your practice.


TOOTHBRUSH COVERS – There is a huge variety of toothbrush covers available today; and all of them can carry your office’s brand. You can choose from flip-top boxes for adult goodie bags, or cheerful minion head covers to put in giveaway bags for kids.


STICKERS & COLORING BOOKS – Kids love stickers and coloring books. These may not be branded to your practice, but this is a small investment to make in order to delight your mini-patients, and generate goodwill… not just from the child, but from parents as well!


TUBE SQUEEZERS ­– There’s a person in every household who squishes the tube of toothpaste right in the middle, in their fist. Tube squeezers are budget-conscious, and they’re easy to get imprinted with your practice’s brand. Also, your patient(s) will appreciate you for putting a stop to messy toothpaste tubes in the bathroom!


SPA PRODUCTS – You can fill your patients’ giveaway bags with branded water bottles, optimistic quotation cards, imprinted candles, soaps and even lotions with labels designed just for your practice.


OFFERS & BROCHURES – While you’re at it, throw in a well-designed coupon for an irresistible offer (for example, $50 off teeth whitening) or a couple of professionally planned brochures that feature your practice’s highlights. The giveaway bags go directly home with your patients – so why not include some information about your practice for them to share with others, or an enticing discount to generate more interest?


Gathering items and arranging branded giveaway bags for your different sets of patients can feel like an overwhelming task. If you need help, give us a call at 1-800-291-2291.


Tell us which promotional item(s) you’d like to have branded for your practice and let us know your budget.


We’ll research your options based on the information you provide, send you a no-obligation quote with a selection of unique giveaways / gifts that will fit your practice’s budget perfectly – and help you earn the goodwill that can make your practice thrive.









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