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Who STILL Sends Direct Mail?


You may be asking, who still sends direct mail?


And the answer is: only the most successful companies in the United States.


Did you know that 9 / 10 of the top 50 businesses mailing the most in North America (measured by volume) are on the Fortune 500?


When you send direct mail, you’re taking advantage of the same marketing tool that these monster companies use to influence their prospects and customers every day:



- American Express Co.

- Chase Bank

- Comcast Corp

- Capital One

- Citibank

- AT&T Communications

- GEICO Direct

- Macy’s

- Kohl’s

- Pottery Barn

- L.L. Bean

- Costco Wholesale


- Google


… and there are many, many more “big time” names in the “direct mail club” that you would recognize in an instant; but the whole list is too long to include in this article.


So, is direct mail in decline?


For transactional mail – bills, invoices, etc. – the answer is yes. But it’s definitely NOT in decline across the board. Countless companies, big and small, advertise with direct mail… from Victoria’s Secret to your local pizza joint (and statistics prove that they’re all enjoying a fantastic return on their investment).


Many businesses hopped onto the back of the digital bandwagon when it rolled around – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Incorporating digital media with direct mail in order to maximize results is a great idea.


However it’s an even better idea to keep in mind that, according to the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail still delivers 7x more response than all digital channels, COMBINED.


Nowadays, consumers, patients and prospects are so overwhelmed with digital advertising that they’re desensitized. Oftentimes, they’ve trained themselves to ignore it; and savvy marketers know this is the case.


Even Millennials (the generation of people who were born and raised online – people who have probably never written a letter or sent a postcard) prefer direct mail.


According to a Gallup Poll, 95% of audiences between 18 and 29 years of age feel great about receiving personal mail. In other words, in a world full of computer, phone and tablet screens, mail you can TOUCH has become a real treat – so it delivers a huge impact.


Here are some facts that help illustrate WHY a vast spectrum of mom-and-pop shops, to enormous businesses, still send direct mail:


- MarketingCharts: The top purchasing influencer for Baby Boomers is Direct Mail


- Data & Marketing Association: 10.6 million catalogs were sent out in 2015, and 2.5 billion coupons were redeemed


- InfoTrends: 40% of consumers say that they’ve purchased something in the last three months as a result of a Direct Mail campaign


- MarketingSherpa: 54% of consumers actually WANT to get mail from brands they like or brands that have captured their interest


The companies enjoying the benefits of direct mail every day span over hundreds of industries. As a dentist, you fall into one of the main business categories that are said to profit the most:


- Health professionals, such as dentists and orthodontists

- Real estate professionals or agents

- Home service companies, such as landscapers and roofers

- Banks, financial advisors, accountants, etc.

- Retailers

- Restaurants


… and the list certainly doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are practically endless.


According to Epsilon, direct mail may cost more than digital advertising; but it compensates for that by generating a much higher return on investment. The ROI for direct mail averages out at a staggering 1,300%!


As long as you can:


  1. Identify your target prospects / patients

  2. Find out where they are

  3. Create a killer campaign using great copy and unique designs that stand out

  4. Organize the timing and direction of your mail-out

  5. And follow up effectively…


… you’ll enjoy the success shared by thousands of other companies “still” sending direct mail.


So instead of asking “Who STILL sends direct mail?” maybe you should ask yourself: “Why am I NOT sending direct mail, when it works so well?”





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