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Three Pillars of Success for Patient Attraction & Retention


Hello – I’m Dan Mount, president of The Practice Marketers, and I’m ready to share with you the most powerful system for Dental Marketing that I’ve tested, gathered and proven over the last 17+ years.


As the President of The Practice Marketers Inc., I’m happy to be able to report that my team and I have helped Dentists like you attract and retain tens of thousands of new patients, and generate millions of dollars in dental revenue, across North America.


After almost two decades spent on marketing and consulting, I’ve noticed several consistent marketing principles that yield the most success for practices every time they’re used.


I’ve tested, reconfigured, and tested again, in order to group these successful marketing principles into three pillars of success for your patient attraction and retention. We call this marketing system TRIPLE ACE DENTAL MARKETING, and it looks like this:



Each pillar is built out of an acronym: “ACE” – and if you apply the “ACE”s of each pillar to your Dental Marketing efforts correctly, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that this is a guaranteed-to-work foundation for your practice’s growth:


PILLAR 1 – represents the ways in which you can Attract, Connect and Evaluate in order to attract a steady stream of new patients from your neighborhood, and drive them through the doors of your practice.


PILLAR 2 – is all about how you Activate, Cultivate and Educate your patients in order to increase referrals, boost retention rates and maintain a healthy level of patient reactivation.


PILLAR 3 – illustrates how you can create reciprocity and recognition moments when you Appreciate, Captivate and Excite your patients.


Once you understand and apply these pillars to your Dental Marketing, it will be possible for you to embark on your next venture with confidence, making informed, tested and proven decisions along the way.


This is your opportunity to build on the proven success of thousands of my happy clients.


In the upcoming blogs I write, I’m going to deconstruct and explain the details of each pillar, starting with a more specific overview of Pillar 1: What does it mean to Attract, Connect and Evaluate in order to keep new patients flowing through the doors of your Dental Office?


Do you know the best way to ATTRACT a steady stream of new patients from your surrounding neighborhood every month? Do you really understand the “lifetime value” of a new patient to your practice?


If you don’t want to wait for the next blog, give us a call at The Practice Marketers toll free at 1-800-291-2291.


We’ll be happy to explain Triple Ace Dental Marketing to you ahead of time, and help you make the first step toward accelerated patient attraction and retention for your practice.




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