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“ATTRACT” New Patients to Your Dental Practice

The “A” in “ACE” of Dental Marketing Success Pillar One


Hi, I’m Dan Mount, president of The Practice Marketers. After analyzing, testing and retesting Dental Marketing methods over the last 17+ years, we’ve gathered our most triumphant principles into THREE PILLARS of success for patient attraction and retention.


We call this marketing system TRIPLE ACE DENTAL MARKETING, because each Pillar consists of an acronym: “ACE.”


For example, PILLAR ONE is:


Attract… a steady stream of new patients to your Dental Office

Connect…with patients/prospects by using promo gifts in your Direct Mail marketing that set you apart from your competition

Evaluate…all your marketing campaigns by tracking them to make sure they work


Today, I’d love to focus on the “Attract” element of Pillar One:




əˈtrakt / verb


1. cause to come to a place or participate in a venture by offering something of interest, favorable conditions, or opportunities.


2. Evoke (a specified) reaction.


3. Cause (someone) to have a liking or interest in something.
















Whether you’re opening a new Dental Practice, or you’re 20 years into your practice’s lifetime, attracting a constant stream of new patients is crucial for your success. I love this quote: “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” – and when it comes to your Dental Practice, truer words have never been spoken.


So let’s cut to the chase and focus on HOW you ATTRACT new patients to your practice. In order to keep ‘em coming, you have to:


- Be creative

- Be consistent

- Be frequent

- Be different


Basically, you need to stand out from the crowd!


Here’s a real-world example of a magazine ad I remember. A few years ago, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino took out a double-page ad in major magazines. All the other resorts were advertising with the same images: young, good looking people having fun – so Hard Rock decided to do something different. Their two-page ad consisted of an all-black spread. On one of the pages was a small image of a doctor’s prescription pad with a note excusing someone from work due to being “sick.” Then, at the bottom of the other page, was the Hard Rock logo.


This ad was eye-catching. It made the consumer think – and it made the consumer buy. In fact, people still remember it years later. Being different from the other casino ads worked well for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. And it will work well for you if you apply this principle to your Dental Marketing.


I remember telling this story to a good client of mine – Dr. Goldberg in Alberta. He was pretty incredulous. He didn’t think that standing out from the other Dentists in his area with his Direct Mail would work; quite frankly, I think he was a little timid about making a move to “stand out” with his marketing because he was worried about what other dentists would say…


But in the end, we were both really happy that I finally convinced him to apply this principle of attraction through creativity to his Direct Mail: because after we crafted and mailed his eye-catching campaign, he received 98 unique calls and 57 new patient appointments! And that was just the beginning. Needless to say, setting your practice apart from the crowd attracts a ton of new patients!


If you’re also interested in accelerating your new patient attraction rates, keep in mind that sometimes the best practice marketing methods are the most traditional… and when it comes to marketing tradition, Direct Mail has some of the deepest roots in a forest of other marketing media.


Yet lots of people wonder why Direct Mail won’t “go away.” Some people even claim that it’s dead. As a Direct Mail expert, I’m forced to address the elephant in the room, and help you discover that Direct Mail is far from dead.


In fact, the most successful Dental offices use it for their practices’ marketing, simply because: it WORKS. And it works really well, actually.


According to a neurological study on the effects of Direct Mail (conducted by Ipso’s Neuro & Behavioral Science Center of Excellence), a whopping 90% of patients (and prospects) open their Direct Mail, as long as it looks appealing.


…and the way your Direct Mail piece looks is just the beginning. There are several elements that come together to make a successful mailer, because in order for it to attract new patients as effectively as possible, it needs to capture – and then keep – the attention of your target.


Ipso’s study revealed that attention spans of consumers are at an all-time low. In fact, they’re shrinking! In 2000, the consumer attention span was 12 seconds… and as of 2015, it had shrivelled down to eight seconds. To put this into context for you, the average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. Yikes.


Nowadays it takes a lot to stand out and attract all the patients you need to create the practice you dreamed of in Dental school – and attraction is what this is all about!


When you implement the Attract element of Pillar One for your Dental Practice’s marketing success, you’ll start to see astonishing growth in new patient flow and your production. But some Dentists simply don’t have the time to execute, create, mail and track the kind of Direct Mail campaign I’m talking about here. That’s why Dental Marketing consultants are here to help.


If you’re looking for a marketing arm for your practice, give us a call at The Practice Marketers, toll free, at 1-800-291-2291.




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