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Time to EVALUATE: Does Your Marketing Attract New Patients?

The “E” in “ACE” of Marketing Success Pillar One


Hi, I’m Dan Mount, President of The Practice Marketers. It’s only fitting that we discuss the evaluation of your marketing efforts today, because I’ve been measuring and testing practice marketing methods for over 17 years – which is why I know exactly how important it is to keep track of all your marketing results.


We’ve gathered our most powerful marketing principles into THREE PILLARS of success for your practice’s marketing – and over the last few articles I’ve been in the process of revealing what I know maintains a steady flow of new patients into Dental Offices like yours.


The marketing system we’ve developed over almost 20 years of success for ourselves and our clients is called: TRIPLE ACE MARKETING” because the acronym “ACE” is built into each of these Pillars – and all three Pillars combine to make a crucial foundation for your Dental Office’s marketing and growth.


If you’ve been following this series of articles, you know by now that PILLAR ONE is:


Attract… a steady stream of new patients to your Dental Office

Connect…with patients/prospects by using promo gifts in your Direct Mail marketing that set you apart from your competition

Evaluate…all your marketing campaigns by tracking them to make sure they work


Last time, I was excited to share the “Connect” element in the “ACE” of Pillar One.


Today, I think it’s really important to explain why you must EVALUATE all of your marketing efforts in order to avoid wasting time and fistfuls of money.




/əˈvalyəˌwāt/ / verb

  1. form an idea of the amount, number, or value of; assess

  2. mathematics: find a numerical expression or equivalent for (an equation, formula, or function

Evaluate” is grouped into the same Pillar as “Attract” and “Connect,” because if you aren’t constantly assessing how well you’re attracting, and connecting, to patients, then you simply aren’t getting (or retaining) the maximum number of patients for your practice from month to month.



When you track your campaign(s) you can measure the return on investment (ROI) you’re getting on your marketing. Whether it’s a Direct Mail piece, your website traffic, social media, billboards or newspaper ads, it’s always best to track all of your marketing efforts.


For this, you can use multiple tracking numbers. A tracking number is basically a unique phone number forwarded to your main office number, and it uses a feature called “Call Whisper” to alert your front line staff of the origin of the call. It can even record your incoming calls, which is always recommended.


Most call tracking companies provide weekly or monthly reports, so that you can measure how your individual campaigns are doing. Call tracking also gives you enormously valuable insight regarding whether or not your front office team needs more training. You can listen in on the calls, and actually put some metrics to them; which allows you to measure how effectively each of your staff are converting prospects into new patients.


Evaluating helps you invest in what is working. It also lets you know when there are flaws in your marketing system.


About a year ago, I had a Dentist client call me up and tell me that his practice’s campaign was going terribly.


He had requested our Done-for-You Direct Mail marketing system (complete with monthly mailings combined with promotional fridge magnets) – but he wasn’t getting many new patients.


Obviously, I wanted to look into this immediately – and the call tracking number allowed me to dig deep enough to properly assess the situation. When I looked it up, I found that his practice’s marketing was actually attracting an average to above-average number of calls for his Dental Office every day.


Tracking and recording allowed me to establish that his campaign was working; but when prospects were calling his practice, his front office team wasn’t converting them into new patients.


Once this problem was isolated, we were able to suggest a solution by sourcing a couple of options for proven, successful phone scripts that he could distribute as a tool for his entire office to use… and once the Dentist’s staff had better training on the phone, the conversions of phone calls into new patients increased dramatically!


Evaluating can be like finding a “leak” in a bucket – because evaluating a practice’s marketing helps us find the leaks in your marketing system, so that we can help stop the money you invest from oozing out of it!


We can set up an effective Direct Mail campaign for your practice that’s completely Done-for-You, and get a constant stream of potential new patients calling your Dental Office every month… BUT if your frontline team keeps failing to convert those phone calls into new patients, you’re wasting time, money and your practice’s opportunity to grow.


We want you to avoid wasting time and money. That’s why our Direct Mail campaigns can come with unique tracking numbers, so that you can constantly streamline the Dental Marketing efforts for your practice, and make sure that they’re always working to attract and retain the maximum number of new patients.


If you suspect that you have costly cracks in your practice’s marketing, then call us toll free at 1-800-291- 2291. We’re happy to help!



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