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Hi, I’m Dan Mount, President of The Practice Marketers. Over the course of a series of blogs, I’m sharing with you a set of principles that we call Triple Ace Dental Marketing – the most powerful marketing system for Dentists that I’ve analyzed and proven with my top clients over the last 17+ years.


As you know by now, we’ve made this information easily digestible for you, by grouping our most successful dental marketing principles into THREE PILLARS of success for dental patient attraction and retention.


Each Pillar consists of an acronym: “ACE.” Last time, we looked at Pillar One, which is based on attracting and connecting with new patients, as well as evaluating your Dental Marketing efforts to make sure they work.


Now, as promised, I’ll provide you with an overview of Pillar Two in its entirety:


ACTIVATE lapsed patients by using a welcome back offer. Use a congruent 3-step mailing sequence outlining the benefits of having a healthy smile and the consequences of not getting regular check ups.


CULTIVATE referrals every day, week and month by creating and executing a well thought-out, orchestrated referral system that all of your team can use every day. Create tools for your team to make it easy for them to communicate with patients and ask them for referrals at the most opportune times.


EDUCATE and stay in touch with your patients each month with a patient newsletter. Your newsletter should thank patients for their recent referrals and welcome your newest patients to your Dental practice. TIP: make your letter entertaining for your patients – don’t cram it full of “Dental Only” information.


Once you set up Pillar Two for your practice’s marketing, you’ll see a boost in your retention and reactivation rates that will make you very happy!



Next time, I’ll go deeper into how to develop Pillar Two to add to the foundation of your Practice’s Marketing success – but if you don’t want to wait for the upcoming blog, give us a call at The Practice Marketers toll free at 1-800-291-2291.


We’ll be happy to explain Triple Ace Dental Marketing to you ahead of time, and help you take the first step toward accelerating patient attraction and retention for your practice.



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