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3 Ways to Get the Quality Implant Prospects – NOT the “Shoppers”

Many dentists I know experience frustration at the fact that they can be practically overwhelmed with consults – to the point where they don’t even have time to do dentistry – yet, only one or two of those prospects become patients.


It can be really disheartening to invest hours of your precious time into a prospect that has no intention of getting the treatment you’re serious about discussing.


The question is, how do you “weed out” the looky-loos – and put quality prospects who want to “buy” into your consult chair?


Here are three ideas that can help:


1. Market Yourself as an Authority: If your patients consider you to be a “niche” expert in your field before they even walk through the doors of your office, you’ll already have a winner’s edge.


For example, if you’ve authored a book on dental implants, and promoted it in your community, they’ll respect you as a knowledgeable dentist in that field AND become familiar with you, because you’ve been marketing your book in their neighborhood(s).


Conducting (and promoting) educational seminars on implants in your practice’s area is a great way to create an expert status for yourself and build familiarity with with your prospective patients as well.


2. Don’t Appear to be Cheap: In some cases, it doesn’t pay to give your office-time away for free! Your time is worth money. Looky-loos love it when you offer up your free time, because it gives them a chance to go “window shopping.”


Depending on the targets in your practice’s area, if you want to reel in the serious patients, you need to charge people for your time: but let them know the benefits of seeing – perhaps you can complete their implant treatment in one single location, or maybe you offer an amazing payment plan.


The bottom line is, sometimes you need to create a funnel that separates the window shoppers from the spenders – and that means charging some money up front. The people who are serious about seeing an expert want YOU to be serious about yourself as an expert – so they’ll be okay with paying for an appointment with you up front.


You may get less consults… but this is a quality over quantity scenario. Much better to turn 9 out of 10 quality prospects into patients (instead of being swamped by dead-end consults).


In the end, it’s all about higher conversion rates – not higher “maybe” rates.


If you want to nurture QUALITY prospects instead wasting your time with “shoppers,” you simply need to separate the wheat from the chaff. This may sound harsh – but depending on the target patients in your practice’s area, it works.


3. Offer a Free Initial Consultation: Okay. So you’re probably thinking: wait a second, this completely contradicts point #2. And you’re right! It does.

But marketing is all about trying different things, and testing to see which offer, which kind of advertisement, or which approach works best with your target demographic.


If you find that you’re not getting enough “bites on the line” by charging for a consultation, then try offering a free consult to the prospects surrounding your practice’s area…


…different approaches work for different targets, and if you put a set “rule” on what you’re going to offer, you’re limiting your marketing.


The most successful dentists I know tend to keep an open mind, put their money on the table, and keep tweaking and testing their messages / mediums until they get the best results possible.


There are no set “rules” for marketing. What your target demographic responds to (and what they don’t respond to) is the factor that should set the tone for your practice’s marketing.


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