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Competition is Getting Stiff. Are you STANDING OUT?

Or Are You Working Harder, for Less?


Here’s the thing… the corporate train is coming down the track (if it hasn’t already). And the hard truth that many general dentists are facing is that if you don’t do something about it, you’re tying yourself to the tracks.


There’s nothing wrong with sticking to general dentistry. You may have to extend your hours to evenings and weekends, work harder for the same (or less) money, and take less time off…


… in any case, I’m sure you’ll survive!


But in sticking to this path, you may start to notice that your retention isn’t great – and that you’re not growing, because you’re losing current and prospective patients here and there, as they hop onto the corporate train that’s set to run you down.


I know of a dentist who practiced general dentistry comfortably in his community for 20 years, and as he says, he was “fat ‘n happy.”


But then things started to change.


He began losing his patients to corporate dentistry.


His practice wasn’t growing anymore – and soon, he realized that in order to compete, he’d have to start work earlier, work into the evenings, work Saturdays, and make a bunch of other sacrifices (which seemed unfair after busting his tail at his practice for over two decades).


Obviously, he didn’t want to do any of that.


And I’m sure you don’t either…


…which is why you’ll be interested to hear about what he did to “escape the grind.”


Basically, he knew that people are looking for a few things when they look for a dentist – but two things really stand out. Basically, people want:


  1. A comfortable relationship with a dentist that they know, like and trust

  2. A dentist who is considered to be an expert in his/her field


And this dentist realized that he could CREATE an image of expert status for himself in his community – while building relationships with prospects in the process!


First, he found a lucrative niche – dental implants. (As you know, implants are very profitable, and once you get into them, they can make a huge difference to your bottom line.)


Then, he authored a book filled with information about dental implants for the consumer – and he consistently promotes the heck out of it in his community month after month, which positions him as an authority on dental implants.


Patients, and prospective patients, in his area see him everywhere!


When they read his book (that he gives away for free), they feel like they know him before they even meet him…


…and even if they don’t read the book, they’re familiar with seeing him advertised as THE implant dentist in their area who authored a publication on the subject.


Building this kind of familiarity, separating himself from the corporate machine, and elevating his credibility makes each prospective patient feel like they’re connecting with a qualified person when they call to book their initial consultation.


In other words, creating an expert status, and building this kind of relationship with prospects, establishes a level of trust that has people in his community deciding that HE is going to be their implant dentist before they even meet him!


Of course, he grew into this… he built himself up to this point. But with patience, a powerful marketing strategy, and consistency, he looks different than everyone else.




And today, he works three days a week, bringing in a higher income than ever before.


This isn’t something that will fall into your lap. You have to make a move.


The best thing you can do is get started.


When you’re ready to stand out, we can start you off on the right foot – and take you out of the path of that corporate train.


To find out more, visit:



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