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How to Close the Case BEFORE the Consult

Pre-Condition Your Patients to Want YOU​


World-famous marketing expert Dan Kennedy says that, “you’re paid for who you are, not what you do.” In relation to you, what he means is that if you establish yourself as THE authority on dental implants, your prospects/patients won’t just be excited to get dental implants – they’ll be excited to get them placed by YOU…


…and the best way to really hammer home the fact that you’re a true authority on dental implants is to author a book for patients, packed with information that answers all the questions and concerns they may have.


Some people don’t even know what dental implants really are – many think that a dental implant is the crown, believe it or not… and some imagine that dental implants are extremely painful (which is easier to believe).


When you are the author of a book like this, you’re educating them.


You’re not selling to them. As you write, you need to consider the patient’s perspective the whole time. This helps you enter the conversation prospects are already having with themselves in their own heads:


• Can I afford them?


• Will my teeth and mouth function normally again?


• Are they dangerous?


• How long do they last?


• How long do they take to heal…


… and so on.


With a book like this, you become a provider of information (not a salesman).




I know from experience: the trust and credibility generated by this approach is invaluable – in fact, it’s priceless!


First of all, I’d wager that many of the other dentists in your area have not authored a consumer’s book about dental implants to distribute as a gift to patients and prospects; and so right away, you have differentiated yourself, or separated yourself from “the pack” by answering all the questions about implants that people tend to have, or worry about.


Secondly, when prospects “raise their hands” to ask for your book, you have found your best targets! You know for sure they are interested, which means you have QUALITY prospects to nurture (and convert into patients).


Thirdly, when you become the author of a body of knowledge, you’ve positioned yourself as an expert on dental implants. This means that you’ve pre-sold your patients on you as a Doctor before they even walk through the door. The best part is, even if they don’t read the book, they know you’re knowledgeable and skilled enough to be an author on the subject – which develops a new level of credibility and trust.


When your patients and prospects trust you, you’ll find that you have achieved the ULTIMATE superior position; because after they read the book you wrote about dental implants, they won’t just be coming to you for the procedure…


…they will be excited to see a doctor who they trust as an authority on the matter.


…they will be paying for the piece of mind they get from knowing that you’re the best, and most knowledgeable dental implant dentist in town…


…they will be paying to see YOU, because you’ve proven to them that you’re an authority on the matter – and that you won’t let them down.


It’s really this simple: after you’ve enlightened prospects with information about implants, eased their worries, and made them feel more secure by replacing fear or doubt with knowledge, you’ll be the only dentist that pops into their mind when they hear, read or even think the words “dental implants.”


It can't be said enough: the power of pre-conditioning your patients to want what you have to offer – without delivering an obvious a “pitch” – should never be underestimated.


To find out more, visit:



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