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What Influences Prospects to Choose YOU for Their High-Value Procedures?


Let’s face it: competition out there is stiff. You don’t just have to contend with the private dentist a few blocks away – you also have to deal with corporate dentistry. Today, there are a lot of boxers in the ring; and things are getting serious.


When you’ve locked horns with other dentists, or the corporate dentistry “machine,” it can be tempting to talk about your gadgets (like CEREC® software) and other “technological” things that you know can make treatment go more smoothly for your patients.


However, it’s important to keep this in mind:


Promoting your gadgets and cutting-edge technology may sound impressive to you – and may impress your colleagues…


…but usually doesn’t influence your patients.


The bottom line is, that they are not dentists! They don’t know what your gadgets and technology do, most of the time! And because they don’t know or understand, they simply don’t care.


When patients choose you for high-value procedures, like implants, it’s because they feel like they have a comfortable relationship with you: an expert in your field, who can get them the results they dream about.


THAT is what your patients really want.

They don’t want to hear about technological stuff described to them with words they don’t understand.


In other words, they don’t care to hear a dentist’s explanation about how lasers can guide an implant into their jawbone with more precision, which helps lessen the risk of the implant failing due to an off-angle force while chewing after osseointegration is complete…


INSTEAD: they want to hear a “regular person” explanation about how implants can help their dentures from floating around in their mouth, how they can eat their favorite food again, or about how dentures can help make them look 20 years younger.


If you want to attract the prospects, you have to tell them the stuff they want to hear, and address the problems they face every day – problems that you, as an expert, can solve.


You have to sell them on the outcome – not the process. And you need to do this in a language that they understand.


A great way to sell the outcome, is by authoring a book about dental implants for the consumer in comfortable, easy-going language they can relate to immediately.


Sell them on their dream of:


  • being able to eat their favorite food again

  • smiling unselfconsciously

  • or freedom from the gunks and goos that come with dentures…


The best part is, when you’re the author of a book that presents your demographic with a life-changing solution (and when it’s promoted in your community month after month), your prospective patients will:


  • think of you as the implant “expert” in their community

  • be more likely to opt for the procedure now that they understand it (and the outcome)

  • be pre-conditioned to choose you for the procedure


You don’t have to mention one piece of your equipment.


Just let them know about the benefits of implants, in your voice.


Of course, this is a strategy that “positions you” as the implant expert in your community…


...but “positioning” aside, you ARE the expert! You just have to remember that your audience is not – and educate them, in a friendly voice, about the possibilities for a brighter future.


If being the author of a consumers’ book about dental implants (that’s promoted in your community month after month) is something you’re interested in, we can help.


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