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What Successful Dentists Are Doing to Attract the High-Value Cases, Build Relationships, and Create Expert Status


Quality prospective patients (not shoppers) who will actually take action and commit to high-value treatments, are influenced by two things:


  1. They want to deal with a dentist whom they like, know, and trust – plus consider to be an expert in their field

  2. They want a comfortable relationship with that expert


Some successful dentists (who have risen above the corporate tsunami) have found a way to work three days a week and make MORE money – and they’ve done this by mastering these important “influencers.”


First, they start by establishing a lucrative niche: such as dental implants.


After that, they find a way to create expert status for themselves, while building relationships with the prospects in their community.


Some dentists do this by authoring a book on dental implants for the consumer, and promoting the heck out of it in the areas surrounding their practices month after month.


This means that the people in their communities become familiar with them through their marketing (and through their “voice” as well, when they read the book). Authoring a book is a great way to create expert status, and build relationships with prospects before their fannies even hit your chair.


Another great way to build relationships and place yourself in a position of authority is to invite people in your community to free, monthly educational seminars about dental implants. (*Please note: executing these seminars properly takes some serious muscle and strategy)


As you may know, the bulk of implant patients are baby boomers and seniors – and they love to do their research before they buy something… statistics also reveal that they have the longest attention span of any demographic out there!


So when they see advertisements for a free book, or a free educational seminar about implants being conducted at your dental office, chances are the quality patients who are serious about getting implants will sign up to learn more about them.


The beauty of this powerful marketing strategy is that you don’t have to sell them anything. This is simply an exercise designed to educate prospects, and make them familiar/comfortable with you as a person (and a doctor) during the presentation (or when they read your book).


You also don’t have to be a dynamo public speaker, or worry about delivering amusement and a bunch of laughs, either.


Being authentic is what matters the most. All you have to do is be YOU (an expert on dental implants) and deliver a genuine presentation. For example: explain to attendees what dental implants are, the treatment process, the “whys” behind it all, the benefits of implants, etc.


TIP: Use PowerPoint – or a similar program – to create clear, and memorable, visual queues that will help you and your audience through the presentation.


Additionally, when you answer any questions on your audiences’ minds face-to-face, this will soothe any fears or doubts they have regarding implants…


…which positions you as the most familiar, credible and friendly expert on dental implants in your area.


For many of your prospects / patients, your educational implant seminar could be a life-changing presentation. For example, when you educate them about what implants are.  


You will help them discover:


• that they don’t have to put up with the discomfort of dentures

• that the shape of their face doesn’t have to change because of bone loss

• that dental implants are virtually painless

• that they can eat whatever they want

• that they can look up to 20 years younger

• …and more!


But it’s important to remember: you are not selling dental implants… you are educating people about dental implants, so that they can make the best decision for their health based on the knowledge that you’re generously sharing.


This is a chance for you to be the educator.


NOT the salesman.


This pre-conditions the sale for you – because instead of selling them on the treatment, you’re selling them on the fact that their dream of making their mouths “whole” again can come true.


In summation: when you educate prospects with your seminar, guide them through their worries and open their minds up to the enormous benefits of implants, you will:


  • Create “expert status” for yourself

  • and build comfortable relationships with your prospects


The result is that when your attendees decide to get dental implants, those prospects and patients will be “pre-conditioned” to choose YOU before they even have a consult.


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