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Why Should You Market Yourself as an Authority on Dental Implants?

Marketing yourself as authority on dental implants is a strategy that systematically positions you as THE leading expert in your community.


The strategy behind this method is to create a plan that’s executed over time, to gain authority with deliberate intention – and when this plan is implemented properly, you will become well-known in your practice’s community.


The fact is, nothing establishes your authority more quickly than being the author of a book.


For example, when it comes to dental implants, many of your prospects think an implant is a crown... not a replacement “tooth” root. They don’t know what dental implants really are; and people don’t buy what they don’t know.


Your prospects also have a lot of questions about implants: Do they hurt? How long do they last? What is the recovery time?


When you write a book about dental implants for the consumer, and systematically promote it, patients/prospects in the area(s) surrounding your practice will want to consume that information. Once they understand the benefits of implants, they will end up wanting them… and most importantly, they will be pre-conditioned to choose YOU as the dentist who does the procedure.


The problem is, many dentists don’t have time to run a practice, take care of patients AND write, distribute and systematically promote a book that will position themselves as the “Go-To” Dentist for high-value restorative cases in their community…


…which is why we developed a program for you.


Imagine what just a couple more high-value restorative cases a month could do for your bottom line. As you know, the ramifications would be enormous.


If you’d like to find out more, visit:


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