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How to Avoid the #1 Mistake Dentists Make...

...When They Try to Attract New Dental Implant Patients


Every dentist’s dream is to break away from the “daily grind” by working less, and making the same (or more) money.


When it comes to “escaping the grind,” a lot of dentists actually have the right idea: they know that they need to attract, and close acceptance, on more big cases.


Many even know that attracting (and converting) more dental implant patients is the answer, because the prime targets for dental implant procedures are baby boomers; and they’re virtually everywhere.


There are 80 million boomers in America right now, and the population is only going to continue to explode for the next 18 years. Boomers are at an age when they have started to lose their teeth – and they control 70% of the nation’s disposable income – so they have the money to spend on cosmetic dentistry to replace those teeth.


Thus, the possibility of working less, and making more, by reeling in more dental implant cases each month is within the reach of every dentist.


A lot of dentists are aware of these stats. They’re scrambling to market the heck out of themselves as the “go-to” dentist for dental implants – because they know that the opportunity for attracting more lucrative cases from their practice’s area could be like shooting fish in a barrel!


However, many dentists are making a BIG mistake when they market themselves as “the” dental implant specialist in town. They can put up as many posters, send out as much direct mail, or target as many people as they like with social media ads.


It won’t make a big difference.


Even though dentists may have “the right idea,” they still won’t get the maximum number of dental implant patients streaming into their practice month-after-month.


Dentists are making a HUGE, common mistake when they try to attract more new dental implant patients.


Want to know what it is?


It’s really simple:


Dentists don’t realize that the majority of their prospects DO NOT KNOW what a dental implant IS.


This may seem crazy to you!


But it’s true. The bulk of your target demographic has no clue – and people simply don’t buy what they don’t understand.


Generally speaking, if you ask someone what they think a dental implant is, they will say, “it’s a tooth.”


They don’t know that a dental implant really is, essentially, a replacement tooth root.


They don’t know that a dental implant is a “body-friendly” titanium post that will last indefinitely, that implants don’t hurt, and that with dental implants, their mouths can look, feel and function normally again.


Most importantly, prospects don’t know that without stimulation from tooth roots, their jawbones will start to atrophy, losing density and bringing nerves painfully closer to the surface of their gums.


What they do know, for example, is that they’re afraid dental implants will be painful. Or complicated.


Even worse, many mistakenly believe that a dental implant is simply a replacement “tooth” – which means that they’re lumping dental implants into the same category as dentures, or bridges.


Most of your target demographic has no idea about any of the enormous benefits dental implants have to offer.


And so, if you want to attract and convert more dental implant cases, you need to tell your target demographic all about what dental implants are, before you expect new patients to stream through your practice doors and sign up for the procedure.


Marketing yourself as a dental implant specialist without telling people what dental implants are is a waste of money – and a big mistake – because people don’t “buy” what they don’t “know.”


The good news is that the solution to this dilemma is just as simple as the challenge: before you sell, you must educate.


Over the next little while, we’ll dig deeper into the best ways to become the “go-to” dentist in your area for dental implants.


YOU can be the extremely wealthy dentist who escapes the six-days-a-week “drill and fill” routine by increasing your lucrative case acceptance rates.


…and after reading this article, you’re already on your way!


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