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What Your Competition DOESN’T Want You To Know
 About Baby Boomers


Last time, we talked about the number one mistake dentists make when they try to simply “attract” more new dental implant patients with marketing that just “sells.”


To bring you up to speed, let’s review the facts:


1. If you close more big cases, you can escape the “drill-and-fill” routine that locks some dentists in for six days a week, for the rest of their grinding careers


2. Attracting (and converting) a steady stream of new dental implant cases from your area can make your dream of “escaping the grind” come true


3. You are surrounded by baby boomers – they are a whopping 26% of America’s population – and they’re at the age now where they need cosmetic dentistry. Plus, most can afford it!


4. People don’t buy what they don’t know – and so simply “selling” dental implants doesn’t cut the mustard. You have to educate prospects by telling them all about what dental implants are if you want them to respond


Points #1 and #2 may be obvious to you. And, of course, points #3 and #4 make sense separately.


However, what your competition doesn’t want you to know is how significantly points #3 and #4 are linked by important facts about baby boomers – a demographic that, when conditioned properly, can boost your profits and reduce your six-day work week down to three.


Right now is the best time for you to market yourself as the “go-to” dentist for dental implant procedures in your area.


The opportunities presented by the thickening population of the baby boomer and senior markets have never been so advantageous.


But, as I keep mentioning, people don’t want to sign up for something they don’t understand. So you have to educate your target demographic before you “sell” them on dental implants.


When it comes to educating boomers about what dental implants are, and siphoning a steady stream of these prospective patients through the doors of your practice month after month, here is what your competition doesn’t want you to know:


i) Boomers don’t think of themselves as “old.” They identify with an age that is up to 20 years younger. As a result, they take amazing care of themselves. 50% of them exercise regularly, and feel like they’re in better shape than they were years ago… so this crowd will want to make their mouths “whole again” if they’ve lost some, or all, of their teeth.


ii) They have the money for the procedure (they control 70% of the nation’s disposable income), and they are primed to WANT dental implants


But (as mentioned in point #3) many don’t know what dental implants really are. Nor do they know the enormous benefits of dental implants.


So (as mentioned in point #4) you have to EDUCATE them in order to inspire them to take action.


Now, here is the MOST IMPORTANT news about boomers, which links points #3 and #4 above; this information can be considered a secret weapon when it comes to marketing dental implant procedures to boomers:


iii) Boomers accept advice and information from authority


iv) They will read lengthy material


v) They value books and media


vi) They read direct mail


vii) They will listen to / watch presentations


viii) They love getting information about the things they might be interested in “buying”


ix) Boomers have a longer attention span than any other consumer


And THIS is what your competition does NOT want you to know about boomers.


Boomers are not just primed for dental implant procedures because of their age, or their income – they are open to being “pre-conditioned” with an education about dental implants.


Whether it’s a consumer’s guide to dental implants, or a dental implant education package, your target demographic is poised and ready to learn their hearts out.


Boomers have “heard of” dental implants. They “kind of” know that dental implants can help them; so if you tell them that they can get their hands on some concrete, valuable information that relates to their interest, they will be hungry to receive it – and read it!


This means that you can “pre-condition” the sale by simply offering some free information about dental implants to the prospective patients in your community.


You don’t have to be the “salesman.” No one trusts him.


You can simply be the “educator.”


When you help prospects “see the light” without asking for anything in return (except for some contact information) you:


- build your credibility

- position yourself as a familiar authority on the subject

- and you establish trust


The reason your competition doesn’t want you to know all of this is very simple…


Once you’ve become a credible, authoritative and trustworthy source of expert information on dental implants in your community – prospective patients won’t want to go anywhere else for their procedures.


After providing boomers with the eye-opening education that they want to receive, the only dentist they will think about when they hear someone say, “dental implants” is: you.


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