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The “Smart” Way to Become the “Go-To” Dentist For Implants in Your Area

Over the last little while, we’ve been discussing how important it is to acknowledge four key facts that can boost your practice’s profits, and change your life:


1. In order to work less, and make the same (or more) money, you need to attract more big cases.


2. You are surrounded by baby boomers (they make up 26% of America’s population and this number will steadily rise over the next 18 years).


3. Baby boomers are reaching an age where they need restorative dentistry. This means that high-value implant cases can be your “ticket” to a more lucrative practice – and all you have to do is attract a few more cases a month by drawing from the amazing market of baby boomers in your community.


4. People don’t “buy” what they don’t understand; and many people don’t really know what dental implants are. So if you want to “sell” more implants, you have to give prospective patients in your community an education in dental implants.


This is why, in order to become the “Go-To” dentist for implants in your community, you need to do some “smart marketing.” This type of marketing requires some serious muscle and strategy.


Instead of saying, “GET YOUR IMPLANTS HERE!” your marketing needs to employ something called the “Principle of Delayed Sale.”


Here’s an example of how it works:


A baby boomer with dentures floating around in her mouth “kind of” knows that dental implants will help; but she isn’t exactly sure how they will help, or what they are, so she’s never taken a step toward getting them…


…however she’s so miserable with her painful dentures, that when she sees an opportunity to receive some information on dental implants, she’ll sign up to get that information: because this is her chance to learn more!


And this is your chance to convert her from someone who is curious about implants, to someone who actively wants more information about dental implants: which is how you attract this new prospect.


The process I’ve just outlined is the Principle of Delayed Sale – and it works!


Cultivating and nurturing this kind of interest in your prospects/patients is what you need to do, before you start talking about treatment plans, or money.


Don’t be the suspicious salesman.


Instead, be the trusted educator.


If you offer to openly share everything you know about dental implants by providing valuable information to your target, without expectation or obligation, you can become:


  • A Go-To Expert…

  • A Trusted Authority…

  • …and the Most Credible Dentist…


…for implants in your area.


Many of your prospects think an implant is a crown – not a replacement “tooth” root. They don’t know what dental implants really are; and people don’t buy what they don’t know.


When it comes to implants, patients and prospects have a lot of questions: Do they hurt? How long do they last? What is the recovery time?


The best way to answer these questions, and immediately place yourself in a position of authority, is to write a book about dental implants for the consumer, and promote it to the patients and prospects surrounding your practice.


NOTHING gives you authority and credibility more instantly than authoring a book on this subject.


If you answer their questions ahead of time, patients/prospects will end up wanting implants…and they well be pre-conditioned to choose YOU as the Dentist who does the procedure.



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