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How Savvy Dentists Start “Cornering the Market” on High-Value Restorative Cases in Their Area

Over the last little while, we’ve been outlining a strategy for becoming the “wealthy” dentist who only works three days a week, and drives a lucrative practice by attracting (and converting) bigger cases.


Let’s do a recap on what this series of articles has been illuminating for you so far:


• You can work less and enjoy a more profitable practice if you close more big cases.


• The opportunity for doing this has never been better, because you are surrounded by a dense population of baby boomers who need restorative procedures now (and in the future). HINT: They especially need implant procedures.


• If you attract just a few more high-value implant cases from the area surrounding your practice every month (which is “ripe for the picking”), you can be the “wealthy” dentist in town who only works three days a week


However people won’t “buy” dental implants unless they know what they ARE. And when it comes to implant procedures, most people are “in the dark,” which stops them from taking action.


• Therefore, you must attract prospective patients by providing information about what you’re selling (instead of simply “selling” treatments).


Last time we talked about how the Principle of Delayed Sale works, in the sense that while you may not be able to get people to “buy” dental implants right away, you can certainly get them to “raise their hand” to learn about them – in fact, the prospective patients in your practice’s neighborhood may even be eager to learn more about dental implants.


All you have to do is provide them with the opportunity.


And you can do that with your marketing… but all of your marketing must direct them to one place so they remain laser-focused on what you’re offering: more information on dental implants.


This is where a mini website dedicated to implants ONLY comes in.


It would be a shame to waste your marketing efforts by sending them to your practice’s general, non-specific website, packed with other potentially distracting information.


So if they go online to learn more, all of your marketing channels need to direct them to the same place: your mini website, dedicated to dental implants alone.


In other words, your implants-only site should be the one place they go to request more information (or a free consultation) regarding dental implants – not your general website.


The mini site would have a different URL than the general website for your dental office. It would technically be a “standalone” site, and it would only be accessible from the same link you’re providing in all of your marketing content.


You don’t have to worry about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for this site. You don’t have to populate this site with tons of content. It’s not even a full “site,” actually… that’s why we’re calling it a mini site.


You can provide information about implants here, plus some FAQs, etc. – but the main purpose of this mini site is to:


1. Present your offer – for example, you may be offering them a copy of a consumer’s guide to dental implants


2. Provide a request form for them to fill out, so that you can send them what you’ve offered


This process produces two very important outcomes:


1. Your potential patients “warm up” to the idea of dental implants even more, before you lead them deeper into your sales funnel


2. When these prospects fill out the request form online, you capture their contact information, which will enable you to follow up with them – for example: “Hi! Did you get the information we sent you? Do you have any more questions?


(HINT: when you have their contact info in your records, you can also market to them in the future, offline and online)


Gathering this kind of information from prospects is called “lead generation.” That’s a fancy way of saying you’re getting a “lead” on a new prospective patient that you want to change, or “convert” into a patient of record one day.


Marketers say that the most valuable piece of information you can get from a prospect is their email address, home address, phone number – basically any direct contact information – because this allows you to continue talking to them, following up with them, and marketing to them going forward.


We’ll dive deeper into the importance of “the follow-up” later on; but for now, it’s important for you to appreciate that not everyone is “ready to buy” at the moment they raise their hand and request more information from you about dental implants. In fact, up to 85% of prospects are converted into patients during the follow up process.


So it’s important to keep nurturing a prospect after the first point of contact. However in order to follow-up, you need to know that prospect’s contact information, so that you can send them your “lead-nurturing” messages.


And this is why your mini-site is crucial.


Once prospects have visited your dedicated mini site, and have willingly given you their data, you can use one-on-one communication tools that are far more effective than calling them out of the blue.


However it’s important for you to offer something in exchange for the visitor’s data. Some companies use free samples, and others use contests… in fact there are many creative ways to entice someone to give up their contact info.


In your case, the incentive you’re offering is: valuable information about dental implants.


To provide you with a rough example of how your mini-site can gather your prospects’ contact information, here is a gist of what the “dialogue” between your mini site and a prospect could be (obviously, a site cannot “talk,” but this gives you an idea of how the transaction goes):


Mini Site: Hi! Would you like us to send you some valuable information about dental implants, to help you discover how they can improve your quality of life?


Prospect: Yes


Mini Site: Ok great! We’ll mail you the information you need, at no cost and without obligation, so that you can read it at your leisure. Just fill out this request form, and we will send it straight to your door.


Now, your prospect fills in the request form with their contact information (congrats, you’ve just added another lead to your database!) and you send them what they requested: valuable information on dental implants.


Simple, right?


But what exactly is it that you’re sending them? We know it’s information on implants – but what is the actual “deliverable”? What will strategically arrive at their door, or in their mailbox?


We’ll discuss that next time.



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