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Five Strategies That Impress Patients in the Treatment Chair (and Boost Patient Loyalty!)


Some people associate going to the dentist with pain or discomfort, bright lights, noisy drills, dry lips, and other little “non-niceties.”


This is not the stuff that makes patients eager to hop back into your treatment chair and open wide.


But you can change that with a few ideas that’ll transform your dental office from a place of fear to a sanctuary for healthy teeth.


I’m about to share five strategies that will impress patients in the treatment chair.


IMPORTANT -- Your patients will appreciate these gestures so much that you’ll notice a steep drop in attrition rates, as loyalty rockets sky-high!


1 – Soothe them with a lip balm


It takes a scant second or two for you or your assistant to apply lip balm to your patients’ lips during a procedure – but the effect is long lasting.


The best part is that you can customize the lip balm with your practice’s name and logo, and let patients take it home as a gift. This keeps you top of mind, and your patients will appreciate the gesture (and this appreciation adds another layer of loyalty to your dental office).


2 – Nobody’s too old for a security blanket


…Especially when facing the drill.


Present patients with a pillow and blanket before you begin your procedure.


They’ll remember how you comforted them, and made them feel less anxious by making them feel snug as a bug in a rug (or, in this case, a blanket).


3 – Relax them with a massage chair


Shiatsu chairs and add-on massage pads will enhance comfort and relaxation for your patients. They’ll love (and remember!) getting a massage and cleaning all at once.


4 ­– Everybody loves complimentary refreshments


Offer bottled water, tea, coffee, juice and goodies to your patients, just as you would in your own home.


You can further market your practice by providing branded “to-go” cups. This will help patients remember your hospitality, and spread the word about your dental office.


5 – Keep them entertained


This doesn’t mean you have to work on your stand-up routine and memorize a bunch of crappy dentist jokes.


All you need to do is invest in iPads and lend them to your patients during procedures. The music will drown out the sound of the drill, and soothe anxious nerves.


You can also install televisions on the ceiling and let patients choose from a library of DVDs. A scene or two into Batman, and they may even forget they’re at the dentist.


These inexpensive strategies are great ways to transform a dreaded dentist appointment into an anticipated visit to your dental office.


When you welcome patients into your practice as if it is your home, you’ll start to see attrition rates dropping, and a lot more smiles – and smiles, after all, are your business.


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