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Flat Mailings Get Flatter Responses


How do you REALLY enhance your mailing?


The best return a typical prospective patient direct mail piece can hope for is 0.5 – 1%.


In fact, that’s considered a successful mailing.


But marketing research shows that you can significantly increase the response rate to mail-outs by sending your existing and prospective patients something dimensional to open.


It definitely helps to use bright colors and high-quality paper for your mailers – but putting your offer and literature in a “lumpy” format wins every time!


In fact, studies have shown that a dimensional mailing with a “lumpy” promotional product increases the response to an offer by 57% over the same offer in a flat envelope, and 75% over plain letters.


Sure, a lumpy mailing will cost more than a flimsy postcard… but the enormous increase in R.O.I. totally makes up for the initial up-front cost.


So how do you REALLY enhance your mailing?


Include a promotional product that will stick around


Magnets are a great way to keep your dental office’s name in front of the decision-maker’s eyes – basically, mom. Every time someone opens the fridge, you’ll be there… for years to come!


Put your promotional product in a box


It doesn’t have to be a big box or a fancy box. It just needs to entice the recipient to open it. A clever headline on the label can do that for you. But be sure to have your name and practice’s logo on the label as well. Nowadays people are hesitant to open boxes from unknown senders.


Include a heartfelt letter with an offer


Let patients and prospects know why you’re sending the promotional piece and welcome them to make an appointment. Give them an offer – and make sure it isn’t buried in copy. Consumers like to know what they’re getting right away.


Increasing your response rate is always worth an extra investment in your marketing. Next time you’re thinking about direct mail, give dimensional pieces a try. You’ll be surprised at what a “lump” in your mailer can do!

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