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If You Build It, Will They Come?




Have you been dreaming of opening your own practice for years?


Perhaps you’ve spent months working out every detail of the interior design: hardwood floors, comfortable furnishings, a refreshment station and a soothing color palette. You have rooms equipped with fancy gadgets and the latest in dental technologies. You’ve even subscribed to a number of magazines and installed a flat screen in your lobby.


Maybe you’ve spent half a million. Maybe you’ve even spent one million!


Sounds like a really nice dental office, right?


But you’ve forgotten a crucial detail: PATIENTS.


Where are they going to come from? How will they know that your luxurious office even exists? Some time in the month before you open your doors, you’ll realize that this detail is a major issue because a fancy practice is nothing without the patients you need to pay the bills.


This is why the first thing you should budget for when planning your practice is a killer marketing system. You should be thinking about this even before you flip through your first catalog of dental drills.


It’s going to take you a while to build up a patient base. You don’t need to be ready to serve four patients at a time. You may only have one or two walking through the door at once, which means that two ops will suffice for a while.


So instead of prioritizing the construction of a palace, make marketing a big part of your business plan. Set aside a healthy sum for new patient attraction and patient retention marketing.


When you put your marketing into place before you open your doors, you create anticipation and fill your appointment books for the very first day.


There’s nothing more financially frightening than hearing crickets instead of drills inside of your very expensive dental office.


But a good dental marketing system can get you humming right along so that you can hit the ground running.

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