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Who’s Your Marketing Daddy?



As a professional Dentist who studied hard, and has been practicing awhile, you have a lot of things figured out: how to fill a cavity, how to replace or insert a crown and how to produce the best smiles this side of Jennifer Aniston!


So you can’t be expected to know the best and most effective ways to market your practice.


Sure, you could divide your time, take night courses, and run yourself ragged trying to be a marketing expert as well as a top notch dental professional. But that usually entails spreading yourself pretty thin. Kiss your golf weekends and family time spent with your children goodbye!


On the other hand, you could keep some of your free time, and give it the ol’ college try on the side: for example, attempt to bash something sporadic together, when you have time…


But instead of working 24/7, or making a less-than-stellar attempt at your practice’s campaign planning, why don’t you put your dental marketing budget to better use and hire a real marketing agency?


You’ll find that there are dental marketing agencies out there that focus entirely on dental practices. They make a living out it – so as you can imagine, these guys have really done their homework.

  • They know what kinds of direct mail pieces generate the best response for the highest return on investment

  • They understand the market, and the pressure

  • And they know what it takes to grow and maintain a successful practice

In addition to this wealth of expertise and knowledge, they also have an arsenal of tested and proven direct mail pieces, signage concepts, retention programs, giveaway ideas and newsletter systems that you can purchase and customize for your practice.


In fact, many of these things can be ordered online, and delivered right to your door.


You don’t have to waste resources or money hiring freelancers and researching the best printer for the job. And you don’t have to take time away from your practice, or your patients, to micro-manage your (pardon me) amateur marketing program.


A true marketing expert will increase your visibility, boost your referrals, grow your practice and craft a dental marketing plan that will set you apart.


Additionally, marketing professionals offer a wealth of helpful information on everything from office décor and photo shoots to naming and logo design if needed.


Dental school didn’t offer these kinds of classes. Nor did your curriculum include seminars on the Law of Reciprocity and the value of fridge magnets.


It’s true… you can try to do all of your dental practice’s marketing yourself. But do you have time to do everything, and function optimally?



Would your campaign be the most effective it can be?

Would it be worth the investment?


For the best chance to see professional results for your practice’s marketing – leave the marketing to the marketing professionals. That way, you can focus on what you do best: being a great dentist.

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