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Your Monthly Dental Marketing Action Plan to Grow Your Practice


Select each action that you've accomplished this month:


☐ I have touched base with every one of my existing patients this month to establish trust and a great relationship with them both inside and outside of the office.


ACTION STEP: Start a campaign of regular, vibrant patient newsletters filled with fun and informative content, recipes, puzzles and more.


☐ I make my patients feel special on their birthdays as well as holidays, and track the positive response.


ACTION STEP: Initiate a personalized birthday card and seasonal greeting card program for all of your patients and patient families. Also: make sure it’s a written card – not an email! Would you send your mother an email on her birthday? I sure hope not!


☐ My dental team is asking for referrals consistently, perhaps every day, from patients to increase new growth in the practice.


ACTION STEP: Conduct daily meetings every morning with your front line staff to perfect your patient referral program pitch. Track your responses so that you can improve on it month by month. Create incentive with rewards, and provide easy tools that encourage your team to make this happen every day as if it is “second nature” to them.


☐ I alert prospects in my area that my dental office is accepting new patients by mailing my message in a format that really stands out in the mailbox.


ACTION STEP: Ask yourself what marketing resources you’re using this month to generate new patients for your dental practice. Are you doing enough? Are you doing it right? Are you tracking the results? Do you need help?


☐ I am constantly updating the theme of my marketing message by changing the signage inside and outside my office on a monthly basis.


ACTION STEP: Ask yourself, are you taking advantage of the major theme and/or calendar events this month to generate production and awareness? Be sure to take advantage of all the free real estate available to you in your office, such as: windows, counters, walls – and even the ceiling!


☐ I have a plan to reactivate patients who haven’t visited us in the last 6-8 months or more.


ACTION STEP: I know how to identify these patients – plus, I will mail a separate campaign (hint: recall cards) that will get them back into my dental office before it’s too late.

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