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Attract and Retain More Patients with a Spa Experience at Your Dental Office



Day spas are popping up in every neighborhood, touting the benefits of massage, facials and an assortment of other relaxing treatments. For obvious reasons, people love going to the spa… and you can attract (and retain) more patients by incorporating a pampering touch with their experience at your dental office.


Being more spa-like isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s a small investment that can boost your brand as well as your profits – especially when you market the added value of a spa experience to your target.


Here are a few ways that you can create a “spa experience” for your patients at your dental practice:


1 | Hot Towels

A soothing warm towel around the neck is a great way to relax a nervous patient. You can purchase what’s called a Towel Warmer Cabinet for around $100, which is about the size of a mini-fridge. Your hygienist can basically pop the towels into the cabinet – and they come out hot, and sterilized.


A freshly heated towel is easy for your hygienist to simply remove from the cabinet and apply. And, this experience demonstrates to patients that their comfort truly matters to you and your staff.


2 | Plush Treatment Chairs

If you can invest in cozy chairs, I suggest you go for it! Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable or having a nerve pinched in your back while you’re getting your teeth cleaned.


3 | Heated Massage Pads

Give your patients a “massage” before or after teeth cleaning and treatments with a heated massage pad that you can place directly onto your treatment chair!


Five minutes of a soothing, warm massage is a much-welcome touch that s/he’ll appreciate.


4 | Blankets and Pillows


A thick blanket goes a long way toward providing both physical and emotional comfort while a patient is in the treatment chair.


Additionally, providing a pillow for your patients only enhances their “coziness.”


5 | Refreshment Station


This is a great touch for any office – but it’s especially effective for dental practices because it makes the environment feel more welcoming, and less “clinical.”


It’s best to try and match what you’re serving to the taste of your patient base. If you have lots of upscale clients, you may want to include an espresso machine, for example. Or, if you have lot of elderly patients, perhaps some tea and softer, easy-to-chew biscuits are in order (as opposed to high-octane drinks and hard biscotti, for example).


What can really ramp up this experience is if one of your staff offers to serve the patient: “May I get you some juice, or a coffee and a pastry?” These simple gestures cost nothing, yet have a huge impact on the patients every time you make them feel valued, comfortable and important to your dental practice.


None of these special touches require a lot of time or investment… but you’ll quickly discover a sharp drop in your attrition rates, and a drastic hike in your referrals. Happy spa-ing!

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