Most Dentists Will Work Their Entire Career & Will Never Gain This Type of Authority Making It Such an Unfair Advantage!

Are You Educating Your Patients About Your High-Value Procedures?

Informative books for your patients & prospects

Want to become the “Go To” Dentist for High-Value procedures like Implants and Cosmetics?

There’s only one proven way to gain “Instant Authority, Trust & Celebrity” with your existing and prospective patients and that’s to become THE author of a book on that subject.

Becoming the author of a book is the ultimate relationship-building tool and should be the cornerstone for all your practice growth efforts.

Check it out, these are just a few of our book cover designs! Want more big cases, more conversions, more profits?

Dr. Charles Wolfe from Easton, PA is one of our “Outstanding Authors”!

Here’s Drs. Monroe and Adams of Aurora, IL showing off their “Outstanding Author” plaque.

In fact, becoming an author is priceless – because it works so fast (instantly, actually) to elevate your status in your patient’s mind and your community as the “Go-To” dentist for high-value procedures like dental implants and cosmetics.

In this time of social distancing giving someone a book that you are the author of is better than a “handshake.” It’s even more powerful than a handshake because of its longevity and educational nature.

Being the author of a book is by far one of the best communication tools to build long-term patient relationships.

I know what’s on your mind… “How can a book be used to grow my practice” right? If you keep reading you will see 12 ways you can utilize these books in your practice.

Take a peak inside Drs. Monroe and Adams Dental Implant Book.

Writing a book is a decision that requires a significant amount of time and energy. That’s why authors are so revered as experts with authority in our society with only 1 in 10,000 people ever becoming an author according to the source: UNESCO

Here are the Top Twelve Ways to Attract and Convert More High-Value Patients by Utilizing Your Book(s):

1. Pre-educate patients on the high-value procedure they’re interested in. Send them a copy of your book before your virtual or in-person consultation.

2. Wow them with a new patient package. Send them a copy of your book after your virtual or in-person consultation.

3. Use it on all of your social media profiles. Create an announcement, offer a downloadable copy, boost your posts for more exposure, etc.

4. Give it out as a reference resource during case presentations.

5. Start conversations with existing patients about high-value procedures. Make copies available at your reception area and other high-traffic areas throughout your practice. If someone has a copy of your book in their hand ask them if it’s for them or someone they know. Then engage in a meaningful conversation related to the procedure they’re interested in.

6. Increase referrals! Books will be passed on to friends and family members.

7. Be seen as the expert in your local community. Hand out your book(s) at community events.

8. Get in front of your top demographic target patient. Leave copies of your book in the meeting halls of retirement communities and more.

9. Stand out from your competition! Use your book as a business card. Who do you think will have a better lasting impression?

10. Increase your professional referrals. Sending several copies of your book to other Doctors/Professionals not only gives them a trust and understanding of the services you offer; they can also give copies of your book directly to their patients or clients.

11. Make a lasting impression. Give away copies of your book during your in-office or off-site public education seminars.

12. Make your website more unique. Have a downloadable version on your website.

Your book(s) should be both physical and digital so it can be used in your marketing online and offline.

Today my office manager took a stack of books over to the HR department of a big business right down the road from me.

They must have at least 500 employees. In the past, we have tried to drop off flyers and they politely refused to take any of them. Today though it was a completely different story – the HR person accepted them gladly and thanked her for coming over.

"I truly can’t believe how this book is opening so many doors for me – amazing."

BTW, I must order more from you guys as there’s at least four other businesses we want to approach in the area. — Talk soon!

Dr. Kal Khaled of Mississauga, ON has authored two books with us. One on Sedation and one on Dental Implants. The image shown above displays his sedation book.

Above: Dr. Raja Jang Sandhu has multiple practices and is the author of an implant book.

This is an Affordable Investment!

According to WRITERS MARKET hiring a ghostwriter for a book that does not give credit to the actual writer has a cost range of between $32,200 – $100,000. These amounts can slide higher or lower depending on the books length or complexity.

Don’t expect to pay that much. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our fair and reasonable low-cost investment.

It’s Easy Math... Your Investment Can Be Paid in the First Month!

  • 1 more new implant case a month = $30,000/year
  • 1 more new cosmetic case a month = $60,000/ year
  • 1 added restorative or cosmetic referral a month = $30,000/year

Add it all up, and you can earn an extra $120,000 in new production!

*Conservatively based on an average of $2,500 per implant case and $5,000 per cosmetic case

A peak inside our book all about cosmetic dentistry that you could author. Have questions? Feel free to call us today or you can apply to see if you qualify to become an author.

This Could Be You – “I can’t believe my patients’ response so far – I’m almost out of books to hand out in my office already, and it’s only the first month.”

We have 3 books available that you can be an author of:

Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry & Sedation Dentistry

My book has opened up more conversations about implants with patients in the first week than I have had all last year. I come into the op and I see they have taken one of my books – I immediately ask if they are considering implants for themselves or someone they know. This opens up a great conversation with them – I already have 2 implant consults booked in a couple of weeks because of asking them.

Most Dentists Will Work Their Entire Career and Will Never Gain This Type of Authority Making It Such an Unfair Advantage.

It’s the perfect time to position yourself as the leader of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and sedation in your community and with your existing patients.

The Practice Marketers self-publishes a limited number of books annually. That’s why we only accept the top dentists that we feel would benefit most from becoming an author.

If this sounds like you, then we invite you to complete a short application to see if you qualify to become one of our next authors.

If you only converted one more high-value case for the remainder of your career, this investment is paid for multiple times. Most of our clients have paid their original investment back in the first month!

Dan Mount

Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Practice Marketers

Will You Be Our Next Author?

The Practice Marketers self-publishes a limited number of books annually. That’s why we only accept the top dentists that we feel would benefit most from becoming an author.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We do suggest having a physical book as well as a digital book you can use on your website, socials and other online communication.

The cosmetic book starts at 151 pages. The dental implant book starts at 95 pages. And, the sedation book starts at 69 pages.

Yes. Unlike most books you read, all of the illustrations and photos are in full color.

All the books have space for a personal biography, before and after case photos, patient testimonials or reviews, as well as a call to action section at the back to promote your free consultation or whatever other CTA you would like there. As well, the cover design is fully customizable front and back and your book’s title can be of your choosing.

Yes. Most of our authors change very little as we have hit all the points that a patient will want to read about. But if you feel like you would like to add something or remove something, we can accommodate either scenario.

Yes. All of our books have the end consumer in mind when writing. There’s no “Dentist Scientific Talk” just easy to understand impactful information.

Yes. Our turn-key service can have your book printed very quickly with beautiful quality using premium paper and a luxurious cover that has a soft-touch feeling.

We self-publish a limited number of books annually and only accept the top Dentists that we feel would benefit most from becoming an author. If this sounds like you, then we invite you to complete a short application to see if you qualify.

Yes. Ask us about our “Go High-Value” Authority Based Marketing System. There is area exclusivity with this system so it’s best to check with us to see if your area is even available.

Need help? Call our marketing team at 1-800-291-2291

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