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Lead Conversion Pro Suite™

Helps you and your practice capitalize on lost patient opportunities that have been “slipping through the cracks”.

Ultimately, you have already paid for these leads but you’re missing out on them, day-in and day-out.

“Plug & Play” Solution

We help dentists increase their ROI on their existing marketing efforts by increasing the number of new patient opportunities by using integrated marketing funnels.

Whether you’re concentrating marketing on Implants, Cosmetics, Invisalign®, Sleep Apnea, Sedation, Perio or more, there’s a “plug and play” solution ready-to-go for your dental practice.

It's Plug & Play

Easily integrates with your existing marketing efforts online and offline with no extra ad-spend.

Works on Autopilot

The ultimate lead, conversion, follow-up and referral marketing system for more high-profit dental procedures.

Area Exclusivity

We only work with one qualified dentist in each territory to help them dominate their local market.

Works on Autopilot

The ultimate lead, conversion, follow-up and referral marketing system for more high-profit dental procedures.

Area Exclusivity

We only work with one qualified dentist in each territory to help them dominate their local market.

A Message From Our Founder…

Dear Doctor,

I’m super excited to introduce you to our incredible Lead Conversion Pro Suite™. You’re definitely going to want to check this out.

In a recent study we performed, over 97% of dentists are making the same costly mistake and wasting needless amounts of marketing cash when this mistake could be solved so easily.

Ineffective or non-existent lead capture is the #1 lost opportunity all of these dental practices are making. Lead capture is vitally important in setting up a chain of orchestrated events that will help increase your new patient flow from initial contact to putting “butts” in your chairs.

What you’ll discover is Lead Conversion Pro Suite™ drastically reduces those lost opportunities and helps your existing marketing efforts become so much stronger and profitable.

My team and I are excited to show you how your practice can increase more of the high-profit procedures that you love WITHOUT having to build a new website and NO need for any added SEO, PPC or Facebook marketing ad spend!


Dan Mount

Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Practice Marketers Inc.

Dan’s 5th Book

has been his highest-rated yet!

Are You Educating Your Patients About Your High-Value Procedures?

The Only “Plug ‘n’ Play” Lead Capture, Automated Follow-Up, Nurture and Appointment Generator for Dental Practices.

Our Lead Conversion Pro Suite™ system currently offers a range of procedure-specific plug ‘n’ play marketing funnel modules to choose from. You can opt-in to as many of the modules as you like (as long as your zip/postal code(s) are available).

Procedure-Specific Marketing Funnel Modules Available:

  • Dental Implants
  • Perio/Sensitive Teeth
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Invisalign®
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Sleep Apnea
  • More Coming Soon!

Watch This Video to See How Lead Conversion Pro Suite™ Works For You!

Easily Integrates with Your Existing Marketing!

Simple plug-’n’-play designs are easily added to your website, social media and more — creating instant marketing funnels!

Add a marketing funnel to your website in minutes!

Gather a Lead’s Contact Information

Lead Conversion Pro Suite™ captures a lead’s contact information by giving them the information they truly want from you!

When patients are looking for specific dental procedures they want to know the answer to three main questions: What are their options? What is the cost? Who can they trust?

Get in Contact with Leads Faster than Ever!

“Instant Call-Connect” gets you in contact with leads when they’re most interested.

Every minute counts… according to a Velocify survey, lead conversions are 391 percent higher if you call within a minute of an online inquiry.

If you aren’t getting in contact with your “hot leads” within 1-5 minutes of them submitting a form, or requesting additional information—you are running an exponential risk of losing that patient to their next Google search OR phone call to one of your competitors.

Automates Your Lead Follow-Ups

On average, only 2% of sales are made during the first point of contact. That means if you don’t follow up, even with a simple series of follow-up emails, you’re missing out on potentially 98% of those prospects.

Lead Conversion Pro Suite™ nurtures and follows-up with leads that don’t schedule an appointment right away using automated emails and text.

Generates Pre-Qualified Leads

and Appointment Requests!

Connect with pre-screened leads that are a good fit for your services and are looking to schedule an appointment.

Let the Automation Begin!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an automated marketing system that’s silently working for you in the background 24/7, boosting the ROI of all of your marketing efforts?

Just add our “plug and play” Lead Conversion Pro Suite™ marketing funnel to any of your online and offline marketing efforts and watch your new patient leads, conversions and appointments grow!

Lock Out

Your Competition!

Area Exclusivity is Available to One

Qualified Dentist Per Territory

Note: Lead Conversion Pro Suite™ awards an exclusive territory to qualified dentists only. Our goal is to help our clients dominate their local market and become the only choice for high-profit patients so we only work with one qualified dentist in any given market. Contact us today to see if your area is still available!

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